Disorganised of Crete

Following some time in London with Spooks and in Chicago with Hill Street, retired to my boudoir expecting to be up to take things in when it started to rain. The only time I got up was to let Fido in as he’d elected to stay outside with Obi, Charlie and Isabella to find he might be missing the comforts of being inside. I don’t recall the time as it’s really irrelevant.

The alarm woke me and the day started. I made sure to check that my watch and my phone had sufficient charge. There’s no excuse with the watch as it presents a summary screen once the alarm has cleared with important information such as time, temperature, battery state and weather. Putting one’s glasses on is the only requirement as one cannot see the screen without them.

The sky looked very overcast as there were few stars. The moon is on holiday as yesterday was New Moon. We were out of the starting gate around 05:00 and achieved 13 Exercise Minutes between the camping and the parking place near the end of the Promontory. A good start! I wanted to record as many minutes as possible seeing as it might rain later or something.

The next leg was the river valley where there was a hold up at the beginning due to some soppy, white bird which insisted on flying up and under the road bridge then landing back down towards the sea. The loonies followed and it wasn’t really on for me to call them back as we were virtually underneath the balconies of the flats just the other side of the bridge. They barked at the bird and didn’t come when I gave them a zapping so I trudged off back the way we’d just come to sort them out. The bird was still being soppy so I put Charlie and Oskar on the lead so we could walk back up the valley in some sort of order.

I let them go once we were north of the road bridge and the stupid bird had flown off elsewhere. It was now getting light so we carried on to say good morning to VGD in his compound. He wasn’t particularly responsive so we carried on to the turning point then back down on the river bed and along the seashore.

The Italians I mentioned yesterday were peering out of their windows so we stopped for a chat. Charlie had wandered off as I wasn’t paying attention and we were quite a time. A quick diversion up to the Grammeno Beach car park to reclaim Charlie who was investigating the sunbeds in front of CBV.

I got them all back into the compound then went back to Alonáki for a swim as the sea was rough on the Grammeno side with the weather coming from the southwest.

By this time I must have chalked up around 140 Exercise Minutes so was well on the way and no rain in sight. I had a quick chat with Xanthippos as I passed CBV who asked me if I knew a guy who was walking his dogs in the field at the back of CBV. It seems that I have implied permission to pass over their field however I fear this guy will be put straight when he’s next spotted. Where he’s going is another mystery as I have a gate into the camping but there is no other access due to the fences and walls.

I returned to the dogs and fed them before making my breakfast. Janne wanted the washing machine again so I popped over to start it whilst my breakfast was cooking. He was going for another 60℃ wash so it would be a couple of hours.

I thought I might be able to get a load together so went to the washing machine when Janne’s load was done to put mine in and take his out. Not in that order. I then set the timer on my watch and went to drop his laundry to him.

I got into a conversation with Erica which lasted longer than I intended as somehow, I’d inadvertently paused the timer on my watch. My washing had finish and some kind person had opened the door to the machine.

Another factor was that I forgot to bring back the chicken for the Doggy Dinners so that had not even started! In my absence, someone had posted a new remote collar on eBay at a silly low price so naturally, it sold as soon as it was put up for sale. I saw a notification message from eBay but it was sold when I clicked on it.

I now had my washing to hang up, the Doggy Dinners to complete and the van to vacuum and it was now 15:45! I also noticed Luis was starting to eat himself again and was infested by yet more fleas and eggs!

I set the DDs going then hung up the washing. Decanted some flea treatment and sorted Luis before vacuuming the van. Note to self: if one plans to allow long-haired dogs inside it’s better not to have lots of soft furnishings and an area that can be quickly and easily vacuumed. The dogs are moulting so it’s a hopeless task but I’m fed up having hairs up my nose.

At this point in time, I’ve dealt with the dogs and most of the washing having cooked lots of healthy food for myself.

I just received a call from Maria to say that it’s five years to the day since Georgia had her cancer operation so they are going out for a meal. The bar and kitchen are closed as is the reception and would I be around to deal with any eventuality? No problem so long as they promise to come back!

Janne and Erica have just left and told me they have managed to get the young female cat to eat the worming tablet using tuna as cover.

On that note, it’s all for today.

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