Hello autumn

Warmth and darkness greeted me at 04:30 but still no rain. I even contemplated going for the Early Walks without a T-Shirt but then thought better of it. Even though it was Saturday in September, there were no FreeLoaders or even vehicles. The only vehicle we encountered was the motorcycle of a guy from Paleochora who sometimes comes out to Grammeno to fish or snorkel in the bays.

Despite the lack of moon there was plenty of distant lightning to enable us to easily navigate the Promontory. The lightning appeared to be all around but a long way away. I expected it would eventually come to us but hoped to have the exercise part of the day out of the way before then.

Our walk up the river valley was less exciting than yesterday with VGD not even managing more than to lift his head off his paws where he was sleeping. We didn’t go all the way to the 5km point but returned via the river bed and onto the beach and then the seashore back to the field. All were present and accounted for as we entered the field as I’d taken the precaution of picking up Luis on the way to have him on the lead.

I felt like a swim so Charlie and I wandered off to AlonĂ¡ki Beach putting Isabella’s nose out of joint. How could I possibly take him without involving her? Charlie investigated the sun loungers looking for anything edible dropped by the punters while I messed around in the water for a little while. We went back together and I gave myself a rinse down with the garden hose which Charlie declined.

It was still warm and sunny at this point so we moved on to the next important project which was breakfast. I prepared mine first today but I had the usual number of helpers and onlookers.

Soon time for the weekly call home but first the thunder and rain. Skinny doesn’t like thunder so hid in the van. Not as bad as Boris who dissolved into a quivering wreck but he’s not happy. The others mostly got on with it.

Rain and thunder was the theme for the remainder of the day. We’re not equipped for adverse weather as there are no tent sides up only the SailShade to the east and SunBlockers to the west and south. These don’t actually stop all the rain from passing through, just most of it with the balance strained.

Isabella’s found it hard to cope with the boredom so we’ve all taken it in turn to be driven mad by her. I’ve taken a couple of trips around the camping to look at the clouds and see how many punters are present. Not that I’m responsible for them.

The bar, restaurant and kitchen are closed so it may well be that this provides a natural end to the season. I understand that the Ionian Islands and the Greek mainland were seriously impacted by a Medicane (Mediterranian Hurricane) a phenomenon which is becoming normal for the time of the year. There were very strong winds and torrential rain. We are forecast wind for tomorrow, hopefully without rain as 25.8mm rain (one inch) has already fallen today.

I’d considered salad for this evening but that has now transmogrified into something involving, onions, lentils, carrots and potatoes but no garlic as I don’t have any. It’s just ready so I’m going to eat it!

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