Sweet herbs

The penultimate episode of Foyle’s War kept me entertained until bedtime which wasn’t all that late anyway. The last of the cauliflower was a little soggier than I would have liked but otherwise a good evening.

The rain and wind lowered the temperature so I might have been thankful for just a thin blanket in the night. More wind and sun today will help to dry us out and the forecast is for warmer weather again soon.

The sand was still firm as we completed our three Promontory Circuits. We passed silently by the motorhomes – the same ones as yesterday. Having motorhomes in the car park is quite common in September and October. They have chosen to park on the beach probably because the view is better and there is still a number of cars parking during the day.

I wasn’t up for washing my feet so we took the pavement to the beginning of the track by the river. This was accomplished without any barking! Not so much from my lot but from those we pass on the way.

Once there, VGD was ignored in favour of a cat with green eyes which had taken up a secure position amongst the items in the compound so felt safe enough to ignore Fido’s barking and the interest from the others. I eventually moved them on as I didn’t want to be stuck there half the day.

Many of the puddles had shrunk since yesterday but it was still necessary to skirt around some or risk getting one’s feet damp. We walked back down on the riverbed and passed easily under the road bridge. My fears that the river mouth would still be flooded were unfounded just there was still lots of very sticky mud.

We made it back to the camping with several sets of very muddy paws. The field is now dry and the plants and herbs are starting to grow. The smell of herbs is great. I packed the dogs away before setting off for Krios. Gregor and his dogs were walking down towards the beach so I went ahead to chase off the goats which damage the olive trees in the car park by the beach. We agreed that there are far too many goats on Crete and life might be better with far fewer. We chatted a while and discovered a beach bag chucked in the rubbish container. There were two fairly decent beach towels and the bag was good so we decided I could take the booty. I need a replacement shopping bag as both my Tesco hessian ones have expired.

Shortly after a quick visit from Erica, who was power walking from Grammeno, I set off with my acquisition over my shoulder as I cycled.

It was around 09:00 so I released the dogs and Janne called over the fence to ask if we could do another wash. I prepared my breakfast and we met at the washing machine. Good to revisit old haunts. People will begin to talk…

Maria came with two packages, one I suspect was delivered Friday but she forgot to bring it, the second was from today’s delivery accompanied by a letter from the customs. This was in respect to a cheap camera I bought from China back in April. It’s taken forever to get this far and is now stuck in customs. I can predict the result as the customs will request a stupidly large sum of money, far greater than I’m willing to pay, resulting in the package being set back to China for a refund. That’s the nature of the game, you win some…

Janne called me to look at their elderly iPad which Erica is no longer really using as he bought her a new, larger tablet for her birthday. The main aim of the operation was to back up the iPad and to remove the photos. This we did. Following on from that we had another attempt at getting the cheap HP scanner/printer to talk reliably to Janne’s laptop. It prints just fine only the scanning facility fails to work at all. This caused more than a degree of frustration so we ended up agreeing that a new scanner might be a better plan. The dogs were abandoned for quite a while but remained quiet until the hour approached feeding time which is always a problem.

One package from this morning’s haul contained the magnets to hold up the mosquito tent above my bed. There are few mosquitoes around at the moment but it’s good to have the magnets rather than some smaller ones I took from elsewhere as these are much stronger. I’m fed up with the netting drooping into my face during the night and the clothes pegs were not really the answer.

Isabella has the fidgets as the others are mostly digesting their evening meal. I shall have to do something about mine!

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