Like rats…

I was up several times in the night as the weather is cooler and I consumed a lot of fluids. It takes a little while to become accustomed to the change in temperature and humidity.

The band of residents in the car park were there as the previous day. They seem to remain only for the night but disappear in the morning. We performed three circuits before leaving for the river valley.

The second part of the walk went according to plan. Today, Skinny was released before the turnaround point but there were no disappearing tricks although he showed a propensity for going slightly off-piste. On the way back along the beach, he spotted a couple next to their car which was parked at the top of the beach and headed off in their direction to say hello. I called him back whilst sending him some vibrations which he ignored. He nearly jumped out of his skin when I sent a couple of pokes on level 2. What a wuss! I can do the same to Isabella and she takes no notice! He came rushing back to me as if the devil was after him so I think he’s learning out how the system works.

I took all the dogs back to the camping then set off with Obi, Isabella and Charlie for a trip around the Promontory to acclimatise Obi to the collar and return reliably. All went well until Obi, with Isabella chasing him, disappeared onto the Big Beach and then amongst the trees. By the time I could see again only Isabella was visible. Obi was nowhere on the beach. I took Charlie and Isabella back and then searched for Obi. He returned eventually and I reacquired him near the office.

Dimitris was talking to Tony, who looks after the grounds, and told me the bar was all packed up in only two days and that he was off today! With Maria leaving on Tuesday or Wednesday, that will leave just me, Tony and Bona! Tony will come in rarely once the remainder of the jobs are done and Bona will come to clean every week unless I call her to clean and change the wooden cabins. Like rats…

I went for a quick swim, fed the dogs, made breakfast and got the DDs on the go all before it was time for my weekly call home.

The remainder of the day consisted with fiddling around with Janne”s old printer/scanner which I quickly got to work from my mobile. It seems to have a problem with remembering network settings which might have been why Janne always struggled with it. It has become a challenge to I’ll go back to it eventually. Scanning to my phone is good enough and I have little need for printing as I can do that in the office using the laser printer.

Litsa brought me more grapes to follow on from those Janne gave me the previous evening. They’d received more than they knew what to do with so passed some on to me. I’m a little graped out but it’s the season so there are plenty around. I’m looking forward to the new oranges and lemons as the oranges are pretty dreadful now as we only get local ones: no fancy imports! By November we’ll have more oranges than we know what to do with!

The Concrete Shouters have been busy but without much shouting. There has been little activity on that site recently but they made up for it today with cubic metres of pumped concrete delivered by a huge truck with a long arm which pumps the mixture to the desired locations.

I recently updated the Google Business website for the camping to change around the contact numbers to reflect the coming switchover from summer season to winter. As a result, I received two calls this afternoon, one from a Greek mobile with an American at the other end, the other from a German mobile following up a request he gave to Maria about the bus to Samaria Gorge. This meant calling Maria twice and the usual conversations I seem to end up having with her. I remember now why I nearly always email or text her unless it’s urgent! Anyway, the Americans arrived and I presume the German got his information. Maria tells me she is leaving on Wednesday afternoon or perhaps Tuesday.

Now that the September equinox has passed, the nights are now longer than the days, however, in compensation, the sun is moving further south so will soon come out from behind the mountains early in the mornings.

Sunrise 07:25 on the way back from the River Walk

The doggies have had their dinners, Janne and Erica are out in Paleochora getting something to eat and I’ve done nothing about something for myself but I have plans!

Today’s weather conditions from my weather station via the PWS website which produces the pretty tableau


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