September Challenge

A warm and almost windless morning with no motorhomes or vans parked in the beach car park. I don’t think there was a single vehicle. We completed only two circuits of the Promontory as I planned to come back later with Obi to try to do a better job than the previous day.

A couple of boats were fishing out to sea as I could make out their lights in the distance. The wind had changed since Saturday when the sea was being chased up Alonáki Beach by an easterly wind. I knew instantly I woke up as the sound of waves on the beach had moved from the east to the south.

We passed a lone car parked next to the caravan which stays for the summer season. The inmates had surfaced by the time we came back so enjoying the beach.

We’d left the camping a little later as I thought it better to try to arrive at the river track just as it was getting light. With only two trips around the Promontory, we’d caught up time so arrived chez VGD just after 06:30 which is about the time we’d get there under normal circumstances.

I let Skinny off his lead as soon as I could see him reliably so he had a good bit of time to himself today. He wandered a little wide on occasions but came back to the river bed when asked so we can declare it a success. There was no rushing off up the beach today either.

Once back at the camping, I tied Obi to the fence by the field gate and sorted out the other dogs. Isabella was unhappy about being left behind but as she was a contributory factor to the previous cockup, I’d decided to leave her. She made a bit of a fuss so I had to be quite firm with her about settling down. Fortunately, I’d left her remote collar on.

Obi and I went back to basics with him on a long line and me calling him to me. That didn’t last long so I let him off the line to go ahead so that I could call him back to me. We were making good progress so we walked along Grammeno Beach near to the camping where I reckoned he’d try to rush off. Each time he was too far away, I called him back. We met an Austrian woman from Vienna who saw me picking up plastic on the beach. We got chatting so Obi got bored and attempted to wander off. He stayed with us until PlusOne appeared so Obi was dying to go to him. The two of them ran off towards Alonáki Beach but I managed to get Obi back with some technological help.

Finally, we went through the beach entrance into the camping and Obi stayed mostly with me. It was only when he discovered a Greek family with a clone of himself that he suddenly became unreachable. I reacquired him but can see that he can still be distracted if there is something interesting enough. We went back to the others and got on with more important tasks such as breakfast.

Time had moved on considerably so there was little of the morning left once breakfast was out of the way. I didn’t have any particular activities but managed to keep myself amused until around 15:00 whereupon I went to Alonáki Beach for a swim. There was a surprising number of vehicles parked on the beach although the actual number of people on the beach was fewer than I expected.

I wasn’t up for a marathon, just a gentle fifteen minutes or so in the sea. I swam out to the buoy which is along from where I entered the water. The sea was quite rough on Saturday: I can see that the beach has been remodelled as the shingle is more gradual as you go into the sea. Other than me, there were two women chatting whilst treading water and a few other bathers much nearer to the beach. Further out was someone with a snorkel and flippers with a marker float. The float is to discourage boats from mowing you down.

There was quite a racket coming from the camping as I walked up the beach however it was mostly quiet by the time I arrived at the gate. There are several customer dogs onsite at present so any yapping is likely to lead to a response from the dogs if I’m not there as moderator.

Upon my return, I enjoyed a warm alfresco shower then took the DDs from the fridge ready to feed the dogs later. I then prepared something for myself.

With the changing season and cooler temperatures, I revert to a diet with more emphasis on cooked food and tend to go off salads and even olives! I buy kilos of olives during the summer then not a single one during the winter.

The dogs have now consumed their dinners and Janne and Erica have returned from their outing for Luis to sing to them. The ballerinas are cavorting on the decking with Luis standing by

I think my grub has plopped so I might call it a day. Tonight’s effort is to do with lentils, garlic, onions, carrots and potato,

Not quite 30℃ but pretty good for the end of September!


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