Pretty flowers

My Sunday night viewing was a film entitled The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Ben Stiller playing Walter. This film was released in 2013 so not the Danny Kaye version of 1947. Walter goes in search of a photographer whom he just misses by minutes as he’s lost the final cover photo for Life Magazine. His journies take him to Greenland, Iceland and the Himalayas. The scenery in Iceland and the Himalayas is amazingly beautiful. In one scene Walter skateboards down what seems to be an almost endless road. It was a great film if only for the scenery alone but the acting was good and the story worked too.

The lilies or sea daffodils are appearing everywhere on the beaches and the Promontory. The rain on Saturday before last spurred them into action and they are certainly going for it. The scent of the flowers is so strong, especially in the morning when it’s combined with the wonderful aroma of the sea. I was thinking this during our second circuit of the Promontory as we walked over the Big Beach together.

There are even more plants on Alonáki Beach so the easterly wind was lifting the scent towards us as we walked down to the river valley for the second part of our walk.

It was starting to get light as we walked up towards the road bridge and underneath. We clambered up the riverbank and onto the track just before Perrakis’ Concrete Company has their compound. VGD was nowhere to be seen and there was no sound. Perhaps he has a super comfortable bed so spends all night sleeping…

Everyone behaved nicely so I used my controller hardly at all. Skinny was let off once I could actually see him although, Isabella blends in very well with the background too. I kept Obi on the lead even though we’d had a very positive session the day before. I wanted to go shopping so didn’t feel much like trailing round the camping looking for him should I mislay him.

The caravan on Alonáki beach is still occupied and a trailer and a pedaleau were at the water’s edge. The sea had been pushed up the beach by the easterly wind which was quite strong during the early part of the day and the night. The sound of my wind chimes woke me up on a couple of occasions.

We arrived back at the camping together and without incident. The dogs seem to be getting much better at this now and tomorrow Fido will have his own remote collar so there will be no need to put him on the lead in case he decides to wander off as we cross the field or go on a cat-chasing expedition. We don’t do that anymore as we know what happens if we do.

The latest eBay acquisition arrived with the postman this morning. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how the mail arrives. The collar was tracked and signed for. The tracking ended when the consignment arrived in Athens AMC (Air Mail Centre) which is where it usually would be passed to the ASC courier company. This time it was the postman who brought it and the tracking now shows as it was delivered on Friday! I was watching the camera as the postman pulled the package from his bag so know it was physically delivered here this morning. It was sent from UK last Monday which I reckon is very good going.

My shopping trip to Paleochora was successful and I even managed to buy a replacement multi-use shopping bag in Petrakis for the princely sum of €1.30! These bags are not quite as good as the Tesco ones as they don’t slip so easily into my bike bags due to the difference of the material.

The sky clouded over so the morning was very dull and dismal, even cool enough for me to put a T-shirt back on! I fed the dogs and fed myself and then very little has happened. Due to the weather, Janne has been catching up with some administration. Erica was in the hammock and I was doing some IT work and generally fiddling around. I’d got the Doggy Dinners on even before I ate my breakfast as I’d taken the time to prepare most of it beforehand. It’s nicer not to have to race around trying to get it cool enough for them to eat.

Around 15:00 I wandered through the camping just to see what was going on. I noticed a couple of the Small Cabins are occupied and there are three or four tents near the beach. I don’t think there are any motorhomes. I ended up at the beach, the sea looked inviting, so I went in it for a swim. My ten-minute swim turned out to be twice as long. The sea was quite lumpy in places and there were some interesting rollers getting in and out.

Quite a few people were on both Grammeno beach and the Promontory which was interesting for a Monday. I extracted myself from the sea and then took a hot internal shower as I walked up the camping.

The day has brightened up a little as there is now some sunshine. Isabella is fooling around on the decking with Obi. And I’ve just remembered I have some spinach I need to wash for my supper!

The supper is now in the Pot, the dogs fed and reasonable calm pervades.


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