Water in the river!

I’ve changed the alarm time to 04:55 as the sun is so lazy at getting up at the moment. Fido started to make “I’m a dog that needs a pee” noises at 04:29 which woke me up. I prised myself from my pit to open the gate whereupon he declined to go out. Skinny, however, felt it was getting up time so went out to play with Isabella who sleeps outside for everyone’s peace and sanity. The thought of the two of them ‘playing’ on the decking was too much so I invited Skinny back in so we could go back to bed for another twenty minutes or so.

The was a car parked on Alonáki Beach which I later discovered had transported some FreeLoaders who were sleeping somewhere on the Promontory but remained undiscovered during the course of our visit. Nevertheless, our two laps completed, we set off for the river valley.

It was a little lighter as we were a little later so I was able to turn off my head torch and still see enough. We went under the bridge and climbed the bank to find VGD sitting next to the gate of the Perrakis compound as he had during the summer. I released most of the dogs and went over to VGD to pet him. As expected, I lost all three arms and a couple of legs when he attacked me. I rubbed his ears through the fence and he stood there soppily.

Skinny was let go a little earlier on the outbound run up the valley. Today he was bolder and went on a couple of little excursions into the bushes. A quick tweak of the controller brought him scuttling back. If I did that to Isabella she wouldn’t even notice!

When we arrived at the turning point and walked down into the river, there was water! Not only was there water but it was flowing! There were puddles yesterday but today it actually means it. I had to cross the stream a couple of times but, as you can imagine, the dogs simply splashed around happily.

I didn’t let Obi go as it was Fido’s first day with his new remote collar so with him and Skinny to keep an eye on, I felt I had enough to contend with. The others know the rules of the game so congregate at the entrance to the field as expected.

I filed the dogs away before setting off for a bike ride to Krios. Except that I changed my mind and went for a swim as there was no wind and the sea was calm. I swam out to the Small Island in a sort of haphazard way. I spied a couple of naked persons of different sexes who were bathing off the Small Beach. I doubt if they saw me as they were probably concentrating on swimming as the Small Beach is not an ideal bathing location due to the number of rocks. Fine for floating around aimlessly but for swimming, a nightmare.

I set off back to Grammeno Beach and was making excellent progress until I discovered I’d gone off course ending up near the rocky end of the Big Beach. I was probably concentrating on not concentrating.

I adjusted my course, avoided those wretched rocks eventually landing up on Grammeno Beach close to my abandoned shoes. I was in the water for around 35 minutes.

The dogs were waiting to come out when I arrived back at the van. I’d forgotten I’d left my phone in the freezer section of the old refrigerator in the storeroom so went out to get it to discover a message from Maria. I called her to find that she wasn’t able to access the Internet from her computer so I went up to the office to take a look at it. All the settings were correct and a reboot did the job. Her laptop is just SO SLOW! Whilst at the office, Bona arrived and we agreed on a strategy for contacting her for cleaning as she will not be coming in each day from tomorrow onwards. There was a long explanation about her phone not having signal at home but she would receive any message as soon as she went outside. We agreed that I’d leave the keys of the cabins requiring cleaning in the laundry room and she would return them to the bedding store where I could collect them. I’m not quite sure why I should have to walk up there each time but the exercise can do no harm.

There has been a number of support calls but none of them serious. The EG website has been attacked again requiring me to take it offline for a few hours. I’ve been playing with some weather-related projects of my own too.

The carefully balanced latch of the SDC gate has just clattered to the closed position as Isabella tried to go into that compound. I leave it so that Charlie can push it to come out if it pleases him but any dog on the outside pushing in causes the latch to fall and lock the gate. Charlie likes to be on his own and is not too keen of Isabella coming to bother him.

The floor is scattered with empty food bowls as the latest batch of DDs has been consumed. My food is in the Pot although I’ve already consumed a corn on the cob as they are particularly good at present.

Janne and Erica are going to Chania tomorrow to drop Janne at the airport for his daughter’s wedding in France. Erica decided she didn’t fancy taking a trip to France in the present climate so will be returning alone.

Maria leaves tomorrow so it looks as though I’ll be a little busier from now on.

It was quite humid today as well as warm. There were some drops of rain this morning but not even enough to wet the sand.


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