Cape Matapan

Usually, when eating my breakfast, I watch a YouTube video or two. Today’s choice was the Battle of Cape Matapan which took place in 1942 in the Eastern Mediterranean to the south/east of Crete. I was unaware of this when I started to watch the video. Apparently, there was air support from Crete which helped to bring about the end of three Italian Cruisers and the unfortunate loss of over 2,000 lives of which, only three were British.… Read the rest

Little Switzerland

Certain dogs went walkabout during the transition from the Promontory to the beach. Usually, I marshall the dogs when we leave the Promontory and start our beach walk but today I wasn’t paying attention.

It was when Skinny, Obi and Isabella went racing off into the distance for some reason that I discovered there were only four dogs with me.… Read the rest


I’ve still not caught up with the hour change so was awake well before the alarm. We were out and at the far end of the Promontory when I noticed the first drops of rain in the light of my head torch. It was raining harder by the time we reached the other end of the Promontory so we hastened back to the camping for some shelter.… Read the rest

That train again

The rain and storm started on time according to the forecast. In all, so far today, there has been nearly 30mm of precipitation. Most of it fell this morning during the early hours. We didn’t go for our walk until 08:00 and even then there was some light rain. Despite the threatening weather, we performed our usual walk to get back to the camping around 09:45.… Read the rest

Card games

After playing with the card machine yesterday, I’ve managed to get it working today but needed to wait until the power was back on which was around 15:30. I tried to pay €0.10 to the camping but it didn’t work so I checked the cables, rebooted the card reader and managed to get it to take an ApplePay transaction from my watch.… Read the rest

Skinny is soppy!

I’m still getting my head around the hour change. It takes me about one week to come to terms with it. Hopefully, this may be the final time change for Greece and there will be no change in March. Somehow I don’t see that happening as most will probably want the time in the evening rather than the morning which will make winter mornings dark.… Read the rest

Time travel

Inevitably, I was awake long before the alarm even though I’d moved my wake up time to 05:30. Georgia’s dogs were barking loudly so I sent a message to Maria followed by a further one when I was out on the Promontory later. I received a reply saying she would talk to Georgia to persuade her to find a solution.… Read the rest

Wot chicken?

I seem to be running around quite a bit, the evenings are getting shorter and the dogs seem to get fed later.

There was a chicken incident this morning on the return leg from the far beach. I noticed I had only two dogs with me so started to press buttons in a kindly sort of way.… Read the rest

Some sun!

Yesterday evening was chilly so I wrote my blog inside surrounded by dogs. I notice that Isabella has taken to coming in for the first part of the evening and crashing out occupying most of the back bench seat. Once I’ve prepared my supper and she has anything that’s going, she goes outside to join Obi.… Read the rest

Difficult day

14mm rain fell between the afternoon and midnight yesterday. A further 10mm has fallen today. These amounts are far in excess of the forecast. Today has been generally wet and cool at least it’s not been windy and I was able to walk the dogs and get the shopping before it started.

I decided last night that it was finally necessary to break out the blankets which I’d conveniently sealed at the bottom of a long vacuum bag which contained sets of clothes I washed and packed away for cooler temperatures.… Read the rest

Autumn is here

There were more showers in the night and some early morning, giving way to a mostly starry sky. We went out around 06:30 as I reckoned it would not rain on us. The alarm went off at 04:55 but there was no movement from any dog which I interpreted as to mean “we’ll stay in bed a little longer”.… Read the rest

They keep coming

I had to get up in the night to move things around outside as it had started to rain. I need to put up the sides but today has been a little busy.

There was a thunderstorm early and also some light rain. My desire to wander around in the darkness with the possibility of heavy rain was overpowered and I remained in my pit listening to the rain on the metal roof above my head.… Read the rest

Mass exodus

Our early walk was fairly uneventful other than another guy in a pickup stopped to ask me about the dogs. I explained that they are all together, don’t chase the goats and all have collars so he appeared satisfied with that explanation. We continued on our way via the Promontory and back to the camping.

I was considering my next move as I was unsure when the punters would leave.… Read the rest

Getting there?

The nights are now cooler as are the mornings so it’s easier to sleep and to get things done during the day. Even during the day, it’s cool enough to keep busy all day if needed. I woke slightly before the alarm so was up and wandering around when it sounded. Having more cats to feed, my morning routine is slightly longer.… Read the rest

Déjà vu

A warmer night and warm morning so the Early Walk turned out to be a little sluggish. Nevertheless, we included the final circuit of the Promontory to return as the Concrete Shouters were setting up. A large truck with a long boom was accompanied by the first truckload of premixed concrete. I thought they were constructing a villa but judging by the amount of concrete I’m sure it’s an atomic power station!… Read the rest

It must be cooler

Another delightful original Perry Mason complete with 1950’s fire truck just like the one I had as a toy. Multiple murders – all very complicated but he got his woman. It was a lot cooler at bedtime so I even considered digging out a blanket!

I beat the alarm but didn’t actually get out of bed immediately.… Read the rest

Three departures

It was much cooler when I got up this morning, relatively speaking, of course. I’m still wearing summer dress: thin shorts and light polo shirts. However, I didn’t hang about, particularly on the first walk as it was cool even though there was only a very slight breeze.

The Early Walks were unremarkable with no departures, however, I was keeping tabs on everyone and made sure Skinny and Isabella didn’t get too far ahead.… Read the rest

Tired out

Once back from Third Eye with my blog written, I went to bed.

The Early Walks were shorter as I needed to go shopping for myself and also for the dogs as there were no more Doggy Dinner ingredients. As a consequence, we walked up the beach after the river walk and straight back to the camping.… Read the rest

Happy Birthday, Mummy!

I took down the SunBlocker before going to bed as the wind seemed to be increasing and changing direction. The forecast had initially talked about thunderstorms in the early hours with rain beginning around 05:00. Just the wrong time as far as I’m concerned as early morning is when I get out and exercise myself and the dogs.… Read the rest

It rained!

My evening was taken up by a silly film called North Sea Hijack starring Roger Moore as an eccentric Scotsman who masterminded a team of crack divers and James Mason as Admiral Brinsden. The protagonist in chief was Anthony Perkins as the baddy. It was very silly but still enough to keep going to the end.… Read the rest


The Early Walks were an action replay of yesterday with a very slight difference insomuch as we walked up the track and not up the river bed. There were not so many diversions off to the sides as yesterday and I kept a good pace going. The thing that confused me was that by the time we were back yesterday I’d achieved nearly 3,000kJ of Move credit yet it was nothing like that today.… Read the rest


We had a longer walk this morning as we were back in good time from our river walk. We went back onto the Promontory along the rocky eastern shore to the end and back along the west side.

The dogs spilled over into Grammeno Beach but I turned them back and took them in via the field as I didn’t fancy taking them through the camping making Georgia’s dogs bark.… Read the rest

One arrival

I found myself falling asleep at 21:00 so I was early to bed which is not necessarily a good idea as I tend to wake up earlier anyway. I’d been watching a French action series then migrated over to Jellicoe at Jutland. All very interesting but not after supper time later in the evening.

The morning was cooler so Luis wasn’t panting as much when we arrived at the Promontory.… Read the rest


I was topless on yesterday’s Early Walk but not today. The night temperature was also more manageable. Our two laps of the Promontory passed quickly enough so we headed for the river valley.

We stuck to the river bed up and down today as there was feverish activity at Perrakis concrete works so VGD must have been busy looking like a guard dog.… Read the rest

Quality control

There seemed to be a lot of traffic up and down the track which follows the river valley. There was a truck going south and another going north a few moments later. By that time we were walking down the dry river bed back towards the road bridge.

I suspect we’ll stop coming to the river when it starts to flow and go back to walking along the beach again.… Read the rest

Still busy

There was plenty of moonlight as we trudged around the Promontory for our two laps before collecting the others and heading off to the river. VGD was on the loose once again however elected to remain inside his compound.

Obi and Skinny were released soon after the others and I managed to come back with the same number as I went out.… Read the rest

Breakout II

It was another shorter night as it was past 23:00 when the punters arrived. They’d decided to drive their car into the camping so I promptly sent them back to the reception so that we could fill in the necessary paperwork. That done, with no messing around, we walked down to the small cabin where I left them to sort themselves out.… Read the rest

They keep coming

I wasn’t late to bed so got a good night’s sleep to awake refreshed and invigorated. The morning walks went according to plan but included an incident with a cat as we neared the river. The cat wouldn’t let go and kept coming back for more, even going so far as to attack the dogs! Had I have let he dogs off the lead, it might have been different.… Read the rest

More arrivals

I woke up not feeling that great but didn’t know why however Ursula may have the key. Yesterday evening I went down to see the English group just to check-in and to ask them to think about their neighbours as they were sitting outside on their decking. I was offered some chocolate brownie which I’d declined but was given a chunk anyway.… Read the rest

No peace…

Having dealt with the unexpected arrival I thought it would all be over and I could enjoy a peaceful evening. At 21:00 I received a call from someone on their way from Balos, on the other side of the island. They were enquiring about accommodation for the night and said they’d arrive at around 22:30. I said we had accommodation but knew it would be unlikely if they arrived much before 23:00.… Read the rest

What an easy day!

Maria never left yesterday at 18:00 as she expected and I saw the car in the car park by reception at 08:00 today. Shortly after, as I was on my way to Petrakis for some groceries, I received a call. She said she was in a dreadful hurry and was asking me where to leave the keys for the reception.… Read the rest