No peace…

Having dealt with the unexpected arrival I thought it would all be over and I could enjoy a peaceful evening. At 21:00 I received a call from someone on their way from Balos, on the other side of the island. They were enquiring about accommodation for the night and said they’d arrive at around 22:30. I said we had accommodation but knew it would be unlikely if they arrived much before 23:00. I got a phone call from the entrance at 23:20 announcing their arrival so by the time I’d shown them the accommodation and done the paperwork it was nearly midnight. I’d given them a high price but they were happy to pay so that was fine.

I eventually got to bed and fell asleep quite quickly. The alarm seemed to go off soon after and we were out on our Early Walk.

There was plenty of moonlight and the sky was clear so it was a pleasant experience. We completed our two circuits before going up the river valley. I released Skinny and Obi earlier and can report that they both behaved as expected and the walk was uneventful.

I’d considered going for a swim but it was cooler so opted for a ride to Krios to see Gregor and his dogs who were all pleased to see me. Erica arrived having walked from Grammeno and I overtook her on my way back.

I needed to catch up with a little camping administration as well as let out the dogs and prepare my breakfast. Bona was cleaning and we discussed what would be needed for the next couple of days. T3 was let in the afternoon so I wanted to extract the previous night’s customers in order for her to get it cleaned for the next incumbents. I also knew they’d only arrived at midnight so they were unlikely to be leaving much before checkout time which is 12:00.

I’m not sure how many telephone conversations I’ve had with Maria and other people but there is now a group occupying T1-3 as well as M4/5 and Z6. Fortunately, one person will be dealing with the finance so I just have to give him a price for the whole show and collect the dosh. I will then create one bill for the lot!

With COVID, I have to take more details which have to be recorded with the bill. I always photograph the ID so can extract much from that. I then need some more ID with the home address as I feel it’s easier to have a photo which I can store. It’s not as reliable as Maria’s method which is to have the customer write their address and phone number on the customer form then try to decipher it. But then I’m not such a skilled administrator as she and abhor shuffling papers or even dealing with them. She gleefully commented that I wouldn’t be able to use my web-based spreadsheet method which synchronises between my phone, my laptop and anyone I care to give access to. I have amended the form to take extra information which I extract from the photos. The customer writes nothing and I have it all on record. Naturally, I will transfer the basics to a paper form as I realise this is the highest level of capability of The Management. I understand they are stuck in the Dark Ages!

The group turned out to be mostly UK ex-pats with one Greek exception. Other arrivals included a charming Greek couple in a van converted to a camper. I put them in the spot I occupied when I first arrived. They are enjoying their last weekend away as their business it to do with the olive harvest supplying nets, chainsaws and the like.

Another phone call from a Greek guy called Kostas who will be coming with his wife for one night on Saturday. Bona will need to turn T3 around tomorrow and again on Sunday!

I spent a little time catching up with some more camping admin then caught up with some missing sleep whilst the Doggy Dinners were cooking. I also fitted in some IT work and a chat with Erica who is on her own but surrounded by British ex-pats.

There were a couple of thunderclaps during the course of our conversation where we were surrounded by a number of cats. It was the fluffy mother cat who finally dragged me away. She discovered long ago that winding up the dogs by wandering up and down the fence is likely to get my attention and provoke a feeding response.

The sky darkened and there was been a brief but potentially heavy shower however the decking is now mostly dry, the plants have had a drink and my PV panels a wash.

I’ve just heard a click from the Pot so it’s time to stop and eat. Early to bed tonight I hope.

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