Breakout II

It was another shorter night as it was past 23:00 when the punters arrived. They’d decided to drive their car into the camping so I promptly sent them back to the reception so that we could fill in the necessary paperwork. That done, with no messing around, we walked down to the small cabin where I left them to sort themselves out. I made them pay €30 as they initially wanted to stay only one night but with the promise of discounts if they stayed more days.

The morning walks arrived more quickly than expected due to the short night. There was moonlight aplenty so the going was easy. VGD was roaming free in his compound his chain lying on the ground nearby. Everyone was friendly and we moved on. Skinny and then Obi were released very soon after so all of the dogs were off the lead about the same amount of time.

On the way back down, I spotted VGD had escaped his prison and was standing above us on the river bank. Some of the dogs saw him and Luis went to investigate however the remainder continued about their business as usual. In times past, there would have been a stampede.

After walking, I wanted to get into Paleochora as I knew the road would be closed from 09:00. I rode in, did my shopping and came back to the camping. In any event, I wanted to wander around the camping as I knew some customers were leaving and I needed to collect their money.

A German was camping alone by the sea in one of the best camping spots. He’d packed away his tent and was planning to leave after a swim and a shower. I think he was headed west so would not be affected by the road. We had an interesting chat before he left and I collected his money. Georgia saw him in so I need to fill out his sheet.

The older German couple who arrived on Saturday and paid for one night were still here and have paid for three nights as they are leaving tomorrow. They told me they enjoyed their stay which was evident as they stayed three nights and not one.

The remainder of the day was taken up with small jobs and a catch up of lost sleep from the night before. I spent time investigating the famous Grammeno online booking system which is basic in the extreme but at least it’s visible by everyone if we can get everyone to keep it up to date.

Erica was out for most of the day so the dogs could relax a little. The phone company got all the phones working again so now we have Internet access once more.

I discovered that the road works are going to involve closing the road daily between 09:00-13:00 and 16:00-18:00. Why it is closed for two hours in the afternoon, I have no idea.

I went for a swim around 17:30 and it was extremely pleasant. I didn’t do anything demanding, just swam out away from the shore then allowed myself to be brought back by the waves. A very enjoyable and pleasurable experience.

Apparently, according to the wind forecast, we’re to expect calm days into next week with temperatures around 30℃.

Today’s high was 33.4℃ and the wind barely made it off the starting blocks!

An Austria phoned me this morning to ask if the camping was open. I explained that it was but that the road would be closed most of the morning. He appears to have got lost somewhere as he’s not arrived yet. Hopefully, he won’t turn up at 23:00!


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