Still busy

There was plenty of moonlight as we trudged around the Promontory for our two laps before collecting the others and heading off to the river. VGD was on the loose once again however elected to remain inside his compound.

Obi and Skinny were released soon after the others and I managed to come back with the same number as I went out. There was a slight hitch on the very last bit when Obi decided to go after one of the cats which was lurking in the bushes. I managed to convince him that disappearing after the cat was a bad move and he returned quite quickly.

Equally, both Fido and Obi needed no technical assistance to go into the van with the others. Just a matter of calling them whereupon they arrived quickly and put themselves into the van.

The sea has been calm for several days and particularly so today. I swam out to the small island off the Promontory and back in around thirty minutes. It was taking around forty-five minutes to complete the same distance previously.

The dogs were released and fed before I prepared my breakfast.

I spent time setting up Erica’s new Chromebook. A first for me as I’d not used Chrome OS before. She seems pretty happy with her new purchase which came to less than £200 for an Acer laptop.

I had to supervise Bona who’d found some left behind items in one of the vans she was cleaning and wished for me to witness the fact in case she was accused of helping herself. The items had been deliberately left by the occupants.

The next call was from a German couple in a motorhome who plan to stay for several days. Then it was a French couple in a motorhome who will stay overnight before catching the ferry from Paleochora to Sougia in the morning. The third arrival was a Swiss couple with their three young sons. They seem a pretty laid-back and chilled-out couple. Their youngest had fallen and broken his arm a while back so is in plaster. The mother was surprised at how easily the bones broke so I suggested they might take him for a blood test when they get home in case he has some deficiency.

As well as the arrivals, I put in another wash for Erica and one for the French couple. I found time for a second swim which also took me back to the small island. The sea was very pleasant and there was hardly a breath of air.

By now, the dogs are fed and I have food in the Pot. I’m a bit later than usual as the second swim turned out to be longer than I originally intended.

The night was cooler than previous days.


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