I was topless on yesterday’s Early Walk but not today. The night temperature was also more manageable. Our two laps of the Promontory passed quickly enough so we headed for the river valley.

We stuck to the river bed up and down today as there was feverish activity at Perrakis concrete works so VGD must have been busy looking like a guard dog. I think they were making up a batch of concrete for an early job as they were still busy as we walked back.

Obi absented himself on a couple of occasions but I was able to persuade him to return to the fold. The more powerful collar controller is running low on battery as the guy who sold it to me sent the wrong PSU (Power Supply Unit – charger). He found the correct charger and apparently, his wife sent it out using Internation Economy mail which takes up to five weeks to reach Eastern Europe. Must be a Small Boy with a stick out there somewhere! Nevertheless there is enough power to remind Obi to get his skates on.

The sky was pretty unappealing earlier in the day so there was an absence of moonlight. It was equally unappealing as I swam out to the small island and back. The sea was very calm still as the wind is a more recent phenomenon.

I fed the dogs and made breakfast and then had to see off the three who arrived yesterday as they wanted to go to Elafonissi. I took their money and they left.

A chunk of the day was devoted to catching up with the reception paperwork ensuring I had photos and contact information for all the punters. I found time to put my washing in the machine, dry it and put it all away.

A German couple with a small child arrived and have paid for two days. They are near to the beach next to the German who complained about Georgia’s dog(s) barking.

We investigated some of the pomegranates kindly donated by Manolis and Litsa. I dismantled a couple for myself and cut one up for the dogs to play with as they’d already tasted the seeds I’d extracted. The husks now lie on the decking.

Janne is getting on with his air-conditioning installation but has run into difficulties finding some aluminium to reduce the size of the hole where the air conditioner will go.

In contrast to the past couple of days, today has been cooler due to a light westerly wind. Simon, the father of the small Swiss boys was hoping for some waves as the sea was so flat for the first two days of their visit. They will have some waves to play in today and tomorrow. Apparently, Simon, the father, is a keen surfer.

It’s about that time so I’d better put on something for me to eat and feed the dogs before they eat each other.

The Swiss family have just returned from a meal out at one of the local restaurants I suspect. Their eldest son amused himself with the entrance barrier on passing: I think I might disable the barrier for the duration of their stay. The dogs are fed although Isabella’s stomach has yet to tell her brain the good news. She has circulated the other dog’s bowls several times however the result is just the same. They’ve eaten up their Doggy Dinners. Looking at Charlie this morning, I suspect I may need to reduce his quota of DDs a little as he seems a lot larger around the waist to Oskar.

I shall withdraw inwards to await the completion of my supper which is in The Pot cooking. I shall prepare the rest in anticipation.


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