The Early Walks were an action replay of yesterday with a very slight difference insomuch as we walked up the track and not up the river bed. There were not so many diversions off to the sides as yesterday and I kept a good pace going. The thing that confused me was that by the time we were back yesterday I’d achieved nearly 3,000kJ of Move credit yet it was nothing like that today. If anything, today was more energetic than yesterday.

It was cooler than yesterday morning and I was even considering whether I was suitably clad. This was partly due to a more northerly, fresher wind. The moon was bright so no torch was needed. The guy who feeds his goats in the morning was coming up the track at 07:00 which I thought was pretty keen for a Sunday.

Once back at the camping having completed our additional Promontory circuit and frightened some early walker, I set off for Krios. Gregor told me he’d been doing some work on his van so had arrived late at Krios the past couple of days. He was preparing some lime to paint on the trees whilst I was there but I left him to get on with it as I thought I’d better get back to the camping. The German couple with the young boy were leaving so I wanted to see them beforehand.

I wanted to get my breakfast on the go as I knew I had Ray from Inter Sport coming in early to the store to help me sort out the server. He called me just after 11:00 and together we removed the old server and relocated the new one so it was less likely to be used as a dumping ground for clutter. I appointed Ray to the position of server monitor so he will check it periodically and hoover up the dust and dirt which gets drawn into the vents. It should last a lot longer too.

Other than wander around the camping, much of the day has been pretty inactive. There was a call from Maria to tell me of an impending arrival who had already arrived as I’d met her on my wander. She and her small daughter are now in Z6 at least for tonight and possibly tomorrow night with or without a friend.

I amused myself with the wonderful new, camping booking form trying to get it to be a little more useful and send me an email whenever Maria or I add a new booking. Maria seems to be into this form as she’s added a couple of bookings today which were technically unnecessary as they are for resources which the customers will bring to the camping. Generally, we only take bookings for the cabins and the rental tents. Customers who bring their own tent or motorhome simply arrive.

The ideal would be to have one system which deals with bookings, departures, cleaning lists, money and customer details. I proposed such an adventurous departure from the paper-based monolith a few years back. Maybe, one day…

Janne and Erica went out on their bikes to one of the nearby valleys where they then went on a walk. They said it was enjoyable other than the flies and the heat.

I went on the Alonáki side for a swim meanwhile the dogs made a bit of a racket. The people in T1 were preparing to leave when I came back so I took the key having locked the door and put it on the washing machine to remind Bona in the morning.

The dogs and most of the plentitude of cats have been fed. I’ve given up the task of feeding only a few of the cats and just feed them all. I’ve called a truce with the big tomcats and find that feeding them reduces the fights which are generally to do with territory or food. I still intend, with the help of PAWS and Heike, to get all of them neutered whenever the German vets are in town next.


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