It rained!

My evening was taken up by a silly film called North Sea Hijack starring Roger Moore as an eccentric Scotsman who masterminded a team of crack divers and James Mason as Admiral Brinsden. The protagonist in chief was Anthony Perkins as the baddy. It was very silly but still enough to keep going to the end. Unlike Schitt’s Creek which I started to watch after.

The rain was pattering on the roof at 02:45 so I leapt out of bed to bring in my towel and shorts as well as reorganise items which might get wet when the rain is driven in at an angle. I retired back to my boudoir and quickly went back to sleep as the rain continued. In all, 5.8mm of precipitation occurred.

Everything was very soggy underfoot as I went out to remove my bike battery and feed the hoards of cats stomping up and down in the storeroom. If Georgia knew that her camping has been turned into a cat sanctuary she’d have about forty-one-and-a-half fits!.

We got out a little later than intended but our walks went according to plan albeit accompanied by a number of mosquitoes as it was warm as well as humid. Perfect mosquito conditions!

VGD was waiting for us by the gate of the Perrakis compound so we said hello before continuing on. A moment later it started to rain but lasted only a very short while. We were far from home so carried on regardless. Nearly everyone behaved well although Skinny lagged behind a little near the end so needed a little remote reminder to pull up his socks. He’s pretty soppy so some annoying vibration did the trick.

Our walk took in the Promontory and the rocks this time so, effectively, we did the morning and evening walks in one. It doesn’t actually work like that as it’s really the going out factor which counts in the evening. I intend restarting evening walks once the clocks go back and there are few on the beach. It should be much easier now that I can let them all go knowing that they’ll follow me and not disappear to bark at people or get into other mischief.

The weather was dull and overcast but I swam to the small island and back in slightly more time than I would have liked which I put down to the swell from the south. The Swiss family were outside their van having breakfast as I passed and we chatted briefly about the weather in good British Tradition. I excused myself as I was chilly and wanted a hot shower.

The day has been a mixture of a brief IT support task, some emails to the lovely Laura about the EG website and customers.

Werner, the Swiss guy left as he wanted to do Samaria Gorge before it closes for the winter. The Greek woman in Z6 left and returned with a ‘friend’, a man who got on very well with her young daughter. They are staying another night. A British couple with a very large tent arrived and set themselves up in Ursula’s favourite spot by the beach. They have two rescue dogs of which one is from Stockport, the other found on a mountain side somewhere in Greece I believe. Then a Swiss couple with a small camper followed by a couple who are currently in Paleochora Camping but are looking to move to Grammeno as they find the other unsatisfactory. In that mix was a wash and much wandering around the camping getting things or showing people things.

I’ve not been with the dogs much but fortunately put on the Doggy Dinners at breakfast time so have managed to get them ready and cool enough to eat. It’s 18:20 so I ought to feed them as their breakfast is a dim, distant memory. My supper is cooking in the Instant Pot and consists of lentils, chopped onion and garlic with sliced pickled beetroot. I seem to have nearly eaten the four huge beetroots I cooked and pickled only a few days ago.

The after-repast calmness pervades the atmosphere so it will be a matter of moments before I go to eat my own food within. It’s getting cooler and a thunderstorm is forecast from around 04:00 – 07:00 which might interfere with my doggy-walking plans in the morning.

The humidity made it to 91% at 09:00

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