Three departures

It was much cooler when I got up this morning, relatively speaking, of course. I’m still wearing summer dress: thin shorts and light polo shirts. However, I didn’t hang about, particularly on the first walk as it was cool even though there was only a very slight breeze.

The Early Walks were unremarkable with no departures, however, I was keeping tabs on everyone and made sure Skinny and Isabella didn’t get too far ahead. They tend to disappear into the distance to see what they can find to eat and there’s often plenty of choices. VGD was happy to see us and was quite waggy and alert today.

We continued to the Promontory so were back at the camping at around 07:50. I was putting the dogs into the van when I head Max, from T3, ask Janne if I was around as he wanted to pay. I’d planned to go for a swim but that had to be held over until later as we got bogged down with printing boarding passes as they are travelling with Ryan Air. How quaint to actually have to print out your passes! With EasyJet you simply scan the code on your watch or phone!

They left soon after having kindly donated €20 to the staff. I had two more departures so went down to see how they were getting on. Neither planned to leave before 09:00 and would wait until 13:00 when the road was again passable.

I went and fed the dogs and prepared my breakfast before picking up the hotplate and kettle which I’d lent Max and family. Janne and Erica were packing up gradually so I had a quick chat with them before tracking down Bona to split the €20 gratuity.

She was telling me that she has to give up a day’s work in the greenhouses which is worth €35 to come to the camping for which she’s paid €5/hour. The hourly rate is the same for both jobs but she might work only two hours at the camping. She was glad to receive the €10 gratuity.

I ate my breakfast then went off to collect the money from the other two departures. Simon, the Swiss man with the three small boys, wanted to pay by card so we needed to go to the office. Corinne, also from Switzerland was paying cash but needed change which I had to get from my van as I leave only the float in the office which was nothing but €20 notes and a few coins. It transpired she is an optician so we discussed the difficulties of dealing with customers under the current conditions. She said she hired the car and roof tent in Crete and it came with everything needed for a camping holiday. She enjoyed her stay at Grammeno and was not particularly looking forward to going back to work on Monday.

It was then that I discovered Max’s ID card in the office so I called him to discover that he was in Paleochora so could come back to collect it. He called me later having walked along the beach past the roadworks.

I had a feeling Georgia might be coming to Grammeno soon so I spent time getting her forms completed and sorting out the money. I wanted to be sure that I had everything in my spreadsheet before giving up the forms. I need to devise a better system for keeping the paper system in synch with the spreadsheet.

There was a stealth arrival later in the afternoon which I discovered as I returned from Janne’s second load of washing. It was a Greek who’d spent years in London and also travelled around India. He and his partner have paid for two nights.

I was determined to get in the sea so went swimming before returning to feed the dogs. The sea was warm so I swam out beyond a cruiser moored out in the bay. I had a hot shower on the way back but still feel a little chilly which may be to do with the cooler temperature which is a glacial sub-twenty 19.8℃!

I noted an increased number of dogs inside the van as I was preparing my supper which is currently cooking in The Pot and will soon hopefully be ready.

I shall depart inside wearing my long-sleeved light fleece. Winter’s drawers are on! Definitely autumnal!

An artic 17.6℃ but little wind and stable pressure.


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