Getting there?

The nights are now cooler as are the mornings so it’s easier to sleep and to get things done during the day. Even during the day, it’s cool enough to keep busy all day if needed. I woke slightly before the alarm so was up and wandering around when it sounded. Having more cats to feed, my morning routine is slightly longer. I conclude that keeping them fed helps to reduce the aggravation and number of fights. The large ginger tom seems to have adopted the plastic travel box on top of the former fridge/freezer as he’s either in it asleep or on top of it asleep. If he has his little empire and leaves the others in peace, it’s all that interests me.

Out on our walks, the program was the same as the other days as the extended walk has now become the new normal. Even Luis seems to manage and keeps up even if he seems to arrive slightly later than the others. After all, his legs are quite a bit shorter than so it keeps him fit as he has to do more work.

Walking back along the beach from the river walk, there is a caravan which is regularly parked on Alonáki Beach for the summer season. The owners or their friends visit at weekends and this week there were two or three barky dogs loose outside the caravan as we passed at a distance following the shoreline. Previously, in such a situation, there would most likely be a mass stampede towards the other dogs followed by a barking frenzy. Today, despite the barking from the other dogs, there was only mild interest with some of my dogs heading towards the others. I called them back and they immediately changed direction and lost all interest. Later, when we were crossing the rocks, a maggot-drowner was hard at work perched on the rocks dangling his line in the water. I only just noticed him there because Isabella, always curious and keen to make a new friend, had gone to investigate. Again, I called once for them to immediately alter course and continue over the rocks with not a sound made.

I was keen to go shopping so hastened towards Paleochora as some raindrops fell. The shower became more determined as I approached Petrakis. I did my shopping which was mostly fruit and vegetables but included ordering another 20kg cat food and 20kg dog food. Usually, I order more dog food but, for some curious reason, the cat food seems to have run out much more quickly…

The rain had stopped so I cycled back to Grammeno and went for a swim. It was planned as a quick affair but I ended up swimming out a long way to meet up with a group of cormorants casually swimming about. They didn’t recognise me as one of them so kept moving further away as I approached. I swam back, had a hot shower then let out the dogs and fed them.

I prepared my breakfast and wandered the camping a little to check on the punters. I was busy yesterday so decided to keep my interaction to a minimum.

The day has been quite relaxing with time taken for some gentle snoozing as well as updating the Google Website to include information about the road closures so customers don’t get caught out then decided to stay at Paleochora Camping instead.

There was one departure from the four couples who arrived yesterday afternoon. There have been no arrivals but there will be more departures in the morning as the group will leave, liberating T1-3 and M6 as will Z5-6. Bona will have a busy day.

I had one washing machine request which was a good load so took longer than usual due to balancing the load for the final spin.

It has been warm and sunny for most of the day but clouded over in the latter part of the afternoon. It’s still warm but that may change on Tuesday and Wednesday due to the possibility of showers and perhaps a thunderstorm.

I’ve cooked up some more beetroot and have just shared out the skins and stalks amongst the assembled multitude. Dogs like beetroot as well but then so do I and I don’t feel much like sharing. I’ve just pickled up some more in a large plastic jar as then I can decide how long I take to eat it. Otherwise, I get rather fed up of too much beetroot.

Quite humid again a warm

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