Mass exodus

Our early walk was fairly uneventful other than another guy in a pickup stopped to ask me about the dogs. I explained that they are all together, don’t chase the goats and all have collars so he appeared satisfied with that explanation. We continued on our way via the Promontory and back to the camping.

I was considering my next move as I was unsure when the punters would leave. The lot in T1-3 and M6 were together so likely to act as one. The occupants of Z5-6 were two families so likely to do the same. I went down to test the water. The first lot were still in bed but the Greeks in Z5-6 were up and about. I told them about the road closure as it was Georgia who welcomed them on Saturday. They were unaware but decided to leave after 13:00 and spent the morning on the beach. The others eventually surfaced and were also happy to remain until 13:00 as they appear to be people of leisure. Apparently, they come to Grammeno just for a change of scenery as they live near Chania airport so hear the military jets take off daily. There are more patrols at present due to Turkish activity in the Aegean.

I wandered around chatting to the punters offering advice as to where to go as some wanted to go by trail bike to Elafonissi. I finally released the dogs, fed them, made my breakfast then went for a swim. I didn’t want to swim or cycle earlier as I didn’t know when the punters would wish to leave as they all needed to pay. I should have made more effort on Sunday and collected their money so they could depart at their leisure. The couple from near Munich left quite early but they paid on Sunday evening. They say they will come back next year if possible.

The swim lasted thirty minutes closing my Move Ring nicely with something to spare. My October Challenge is to burn 4,000kJ of energy in exercise per day so I have to keep going. All the extra walking around the camping helps.

It was getting late as I started breakfast but I made sure I’d collected the money before beginning so as not to be interrupted. A snooze or two followed as there seemed nothing else pressing.

Katherine, her husband and two dogs will stay on until 25 October as their winter accommodation will not be available until then. A guy with a huge motorhome turned up but we decided it would not be worth his while trying to get into the camping as not only was it long, it was tall too making the trees a problem. I suggested they might park in the Grammano Beach car park or go down to Krios.

The afternoon seemed quite short but was warm and sunny. It included a little more wandering around closing up the accommodation and putting the keys on the washing machine for Bona. She cleaned Z1-2 but will do the others tomorrow. She spent most of the morning ironing.

The animals have been fed and it’s starting to get dark. It will be even darker this time next week as the clocks go back making the evenings longer. I’ll be feeding the dogs at 17:00 as it will be getting dark at 18:00. It will soon be time to put the awning sides up as I will continue to use them until I decide on an alternative solution. Even though some of the windows are torn, I doubt too much rain will come in but the wind should stay out. If it doesn’t work out I’ll be more inclined to do something else.

The weather forecast is unsettled for the next couple of days so will be cooler and possibly wetter.


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