Some sun!

Yesterday evening was chilly so I wrote my blog inside surrounded by dogs. I notice that Isabella has taken to coming in for the first part of the evening and crashing out occupying most of the back bench seat. Once I’ve prepared my supper and she has anything that’s going, she goes outside to join Obi. It must be warmer tonight as Charlie isn’t inside as well.

After some food and an exciting episode of Line of Duty, I was pleased to retire to my boudoir and my blankets. Despite the alarm allowing an extra thirty-five minutes of sleep, I was awake anyway. With the recent rain, there’s no point in walking up the river bed as it will be wet and muddy, in places. We went to the Promontory where I released the dogs almost immediately, then walked out over the rocks to continue down the beach. I decided there was little point in carrying a bundle of leads all the way to the end beach and back so left them by the hole in the fence where we enter the field.

Our walk down the beach was uneventful however I called the dogs to me a couple of times as it was still too dark to see them. After a while, there was sufficient light for me to turn off my torch although a large, white dog on a predominantly white beach is still difficult to see. Skinny seems a little exasperated when I call him to me. As he can see me I suppose he assumes I can see him. Not the case! Skinny is still tempted to wander off into the mountains when we’re on the far beach so I keep an eye on him calling him to me when he strays too far.

There was plenty of time so we went back to the Promontory, this time in daylight, to go round once more and then back to the camping. I put most of the dogs inside as I needed to concentrate on the EG websites to solve a problem with them not being able to write comments in the chat room. Not much point in a chat room where you can’t chat! I solved the problem, released the dogs and fed them.

Much of the day has been taken up with EG websites so I was definitely not bored. We seem to be doing well with the images problem as Pablo has been moving everything over and changing the site code to point to the new location. This is not an easy job as we know the original code for the website was far from optimal. Laura did her best to patch it up several years ago, but short of starting again, it was a patch up job.

Katherine sent a text to say she and James will be taking Corrie and Oscar to there winter residence tomorrow so I went down to collect their money. We had a long chat about dogs and then she came up to see my lot. Isabella excelled herself and loved Katherine to death. One purpose of the visit was to see a prong collar and the remote trainers. With Isabella trying to be everywhere at once, I was able to provide a live demonstration. Katherine was looking for training collars when I went back down to them with James’ passport later.

I went for a swim having not been in for a couple of days due to the rotten weather. I swam for around thirty minutes then went for a long, hot shower. Once changed, I retrieved James’ passport and went down to give it to him. Their Oscar is even more of a fruitcake than my Oskar especially as one of the many, ultra-friendly cats followed me down there. Oscar worked himself into a frenzy but calmed down a little once I picked up the cat so at least we could have a fairly normal conversation.

At this point, a Swiss couple in a VW camper arrived so I had to go off to welcome them and show them around the camping. They are now settled down on the beach with the others.

My phone was on charge which is why I didn’t receive their phone call nor the one from the Netherlands and France with followed. There were a number of missed calls from Maria but she doesn’t really count. Maria wanted to be sure T3 was free even though I’d put no booking in the booking calendar.

I was feeding the dogs when Maria and I finally connected and she was able to explain all of this to me.

We’re inside. The dogs are sleeping. Music is playing from Radio Paradise World and Eclectic Mix which is a mixture of international music and other off-beat kinds.

My supper is ready so I’d better get it onto a plate and eat it before it’s bedtime.

Warmer, sunnier and NO RAIN!


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