Wot chicken?

I seem to be running around quite a bit, the evenings are getting shorter and the dogs seem to get fed later.

There was a chicken incident this morning on the return leg from the far beach. I noticed I had only two dogs with me so started to press buttons in a kindly sort of way. Five dogs appeared from nearby, one with something in its mouth. A rather dead but recently killed chicken which became smaller as we progressed up the beach. I’ll need to pay attention when passing that section of beach in future to avoid a similar event.

The first camping arrival was around 08:30 just as I was cycling out of the camping entrance. I showed them around quickly and carried on my way promising to provide them an electricity meter upon my return.

Petrakis was not busy for a Saturday morning so I was heading back to the camping quite quickly and went to see my new arrivals. Shortly after, a woman called from Chania wanting a small cabin for two adults and a child for tonight. I said we had some so would see her later. There is a booked arrival for another small cabin but I suspect he won’t appear today. T3 was also booked for four people for four nights but they arrive later.

The first of my four washes of the day went in soon after so I took the opportunity to prepare my breakfast. The Romanian family have been trying to get a wash for a couple of days so I fitted them in next. Bona had left my big, yellow bucket full of sheets which needed hanging up so I put them over the airer having first removed and folded the towels and sheets already there. I seem to be doing her work so we need to have a conversation the next time we meet.

The other two washes went in so I’ve done quite a bit of walking. A guy and his wife who come to Grammeno each year arrived towing his boat. He wanted to be near the beach but I insisted he leave the boat elsewhere in one of the empty bays on the entrance road. He is Ursula’s favourite person especially as he lets his dog wander at will. I shall tell him off tomorrow. I suck him up by the bar next to the other Germans who arrived first thing. His brother will arrive in a couple of days so he tells me. It’s getting a little full on the beach front. Fortunately, the Austrians who arrived when it was raining a couple of days ago left providing some more space. Nice people though.

The Greek family for T3 arrived so I settled them in and we had a chat. It transpired that he was in Brighton at the Davis school. The whole family speak good English so I coaxed their son into a short conversation. I then took the last washing load to the Swiss couple. The man is Timothy George as his mother is English. They are friendly and very pleasant too.

I’m being eaten alive by mosquitoes so shall retire within and prepare something to eat.

Don’t forget the clocks go back tomorrow morning at 04:00 –> 03:00 It could be the last time for us as DST is supposed to finish in the EU in 2021.


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