Time travel

Inevitably, I was awake long before the alarm even though I’d moved my wake up time to 05:30. Georgia’s dogs were barking loudly so I sent a message to Maria followed by a further one when I was out on the Promontory later. I received a reply saying she would talk to Georgia to persuade her to find a solution. I have a good number of customers in the camping and it’s not as if business is good at the present time.

The Early Walk followed the recent format with the dogs having just their remote collars and no leads. Even more liberating that way I feel, both for me and for the dogs. A lone van was parked opposite the field and another a little way further along the Alonáki Beach road.

We did a circuit around the Promontory in semi-darkness but it was properly light as we walked down the beach. I was sure to keep track of the dogs as we passed the chicken place so we made it without incident as far as the beaches go. After a brief stop to admire the rising sun, we headed back west towards the camping.

We’d not been going long before a pickup with a barky dog sped down the road. Irresistible to the dogs with Skinny and Obi giving chase. Obi has a reputation for chasing vehicles which is why he came into the circle in the first place. A few quick prods on the remote sent the majority of the dogs racing back to me with a few more directed to Skinny and Obi, we soon resumed our previous trajectory.

After another quick tour of the Promontory, we were back at the camping and I was getting on my bike for Krios and a fleeting visit to Gregor. His dogs were pleased to see me and as soppy as every. Gregor was fiddling with his camera as the lens focus rings had become detached. I took it from him and quickly put it back together. He was grateful and surprised but I explained that it’s what I do.

He went on to tell me a big, Albanian guy had approached him in the local supermarket the other day complaining that his dogs had been causing problems with his goats. He was quite threatening and promised to shoot Gregor’s dogs if he found them interfering with his goats! I think it’s time someone paid this guy a visit. I might have a little chat with Antonis…

I went back to the camping where the electricity was off, so went to tell the punters it was probably the work which didn’t take place on Thursday. Inevitably, I ended up chatting to someone which turned out to be the Romanian guy. Having left him, I went to see Marie-Christine who messaged me earlier asking if she could relocate to Ursula’s favourite spot by the beach. She’d done her homework and, assisted by her Swiss neighbours, we pushed her caravan into her chosen spot. I left them deciding which was round the van should be facing. After the first windy night, there may be some changes.

It was nearly 10:00 so I let out the dogs, fed them and got on with breakfast.

The morning was reasonably quiet although I was able to answer some support requests once the power resumed. I fiddled around with some camping admin then created a Viber Community in the hope that I can direct customers there then answer their questions so others can see them. I’ve posted a selection of useful links to weather, eating and shopping sites from Google Maps. I’ve invited some people to see how it goes before opening it up to all and sundry. I’m hoping customers will share their experiences during their stay so that others can benefit.

I wandered down to the beach to test one of the sunloungers then fell asleep to wake when the sun disappeared behind some clouds and the persistent westerly wind became too cold to remain there.

The Swiss couple, Timothy George and his partner announced they wish to stay on despite the annoying, barking dogs. I see that Georgia’s car is parked at the reception however I don’t know the purpose of her visit. Her dogs were barking nosily earlier so perhaps she heard them.

The German guy, Christian, who comes each year, asked to reserve two spaces for his brother and another family member who are arriving tomorrow morning. It was fortunate that Marie-Christine decided to move to a camping spot as this liberates two spaces near the beach. I very much doubt there will be any tent campers before the spring.

The dogs were getting the fidgets around 17:00 as no one had bothered to tell them the clocks have gone back. They are quiet and sleeping at present and Radio Paradise is playing loudly from within the van.

I can see from the reception camera that there’s quite a bit of activity. It may be that Georgia is moving someone into another of the rooms in the reception building. It doesn’t involve me so I’m going to get something to eat and enjoy my evening.

14.0℃ – I thought it was a little chilly in the night!


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