Skinny is soppy!

I’m still getting my head around the hour change. It takes me about one week to come to terms with it. Hopefully, this may be the final time change for Greece and there will be no change in March. Somehow I don’t see that happening as most will probably want the time in the evening rather than the morning which will make winter mornings dark. Still, we’ll see what transpires in March.

It was good to be out early as I changed my wakeup time back to 04:55 which is really 05:55 old time. It was pleasant walking down the beach knowing the sun wasn’t far away as the sky was already lightening.

There were no surprises although I kept a good eye on things to avoid any further chicken events. With getting up at 04:55 and not having to put on leads, we were out of the gate at 05:20 so well ahead of the game. I could see the dogs reasonably well once we’d passed the hotel. On the way back it was properly light and one of their dogs was about. Only Isabella went to visit but I persuaded her to return promptly.

Having completed another tour of the Promontory, we returned to the camping. I then rode to Krios on the last of the bike battery and can confirm that the odometer on my bike reads 2,777km. Will it be 3,000km before December and its first anniversary?

Gregor and his dogs were yet to arrive so I came straight back to Grammeno as I was expecting some arrivals which pulled into the drive around 08:15. I was keeping an eye out in the cameras anyway.

Three generations of the Bahlmann family are now resident: the parents, two brothers and their small son. Christian, who arrived with his wife a couple of days ago, asked me to reserve a bit of beach area for the others. The Swiss, Timothy, George and his partner felt a little outnumbered so arranged to swap places with Christian later on. They were finally sorted out, I took their ID then went to deal with the dogs and to make breakfast.

I knew Georgia was coming into the camping and I’d prepared some money for her in case she arrived on Saturday. I wanted to get breakfast out of the way before she arrived as she was only coming from her mother’s in Paleochora.

She arrived just after a German couple who I’d spotted in the camera so was coming over to greet. Maria had put them into the calendar a week ago and I’d been expecting them for a couple of days. They are staying in Z2 so I showed them in then picked up a blanket for them as it’s cooler at night now.

Georgia hung around catching up with admin. She told me that Mickey has been poorly with some nervous problem so she plans to take him to a vet in Athens as none of the local vets know what’s wrong.

I sloped off to deal with the Doggy Dinners which I’d put on to cook at breakfast time just to get ahead. Fortunately, I did otherwise they’d be still waiting!

Georgia was not there the next time I looked in the camera. I wanted to tell Marie-Christine about the impending rain on Wednesday which could be significant. Her caravan is now in a location notorious for flooding so I wanted to be sure she realised this and would not be surprised to find herself in the middle of a pond if there is heavy rain. We walked up with Teddy to find a pallet so that she could get her boxes off the ground. She needed to do this anyway as there would be condensation once it’s cooler.

I checked out the Community Room and told Timothy George as he’d expressed an interest. The room is now unlocked and available to customers. We’ll light the stove on Wednesday so that people can cower there out of the rain. It seems that everyone is staying on to make the most of the weather. Both Swiss couples and the Czechs too. They are leaving tomorrow as they must go to Kissamos to change their ferry tickets as they wish to stay in Crete another month. They only came for a couple of nights and remained seven. I took their money and tried to take the money for the Romanians but I was having problems with the card machines so couldn’t complete the transaction. We had a long conversation about early holidays in Romania and general topics. Andrei’s family must have thought we’d eloped. He’s an interesting guy to talk to.

Time was getting on so the dogs were extremely pleased to see me so I quickly fed them as well as all the cats. It’s a little too chilly to be sitting outside and it’s dark anyway. Isabella, Obi and Charlie still prefer to be outside but perhaps Charlie will come in later.

Skinny is on one side of me and Oskar on the other. Skinny is probably now more soppy than Oskar!


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