Card games

After playing with the card machine yesterday, I’ve managed to get it working today but needed to wait until the power was back on which was around 15:30. I tried to pay €0.10 to the camping but it didn’t work so I checked the cables, rebooted the card reader and managed to get it to take an ApplePay transaction from my watch.

It appears that the Romanian bank is saying the payment is being processed yet Maria tells me she’s not received any card payments today. Strange considering I made a payment myself.

I have customers leaving tomorrow who want to pay this evening. The Romanians, Thomas in Z2 and T3. T3 and Z2 want to pay this evening which is fine by me as I’m not really up for wandering around in the rain first thing in the morning and they will need to get going before 09:00 to avoid the roadworks or wait until the afternoon.

It was cooler this morning when we walked although not cool enough to require a fleece. Our walk was a carbon copy of the previous day except Obi decided to explore up the furthest river bed so I needed to call him back with a little prodding. Otherwise, we walked around, down and around again.

I went off to Petrakis for some important doggy food as it’s likely to be raining in the morning and cycling in the rain is not on my list either. I’d run out of chicken legs and carrots which would definitely have made the Doggy Dinners very uninspiring.

I was not back long when the power went off as expected. They were probably doing the work they didn’t do last Thursday when it rained. I fired up the generator at one point as it hasn’t been run for a while so the starter battery was down to just over 12v which is low. I fell asleep so the generator ran for somewhat longer than I intended. At least the pumps worked and the poo was taken from the holding tanks to the main tank at the top of the camping. What joy!

I used the time to set up one of the WiFi access points down at the bottom of the camping as the signal in the centre, where Marie-Christine has relocated her van, is almost non-existent. Likewise, the camera in the kitchen struggles to connect sometimes and is very slow. I wasn’t able to complete the installation as other matters conspired against me.

A bit of wind got up as the afternoon progressed and it began to cloud over and become chilly. I’d considered the possibility of swimming but the coolness put me off!

This might not be very accurate as there were no updates between 09:30 and 15:30 due to the power outage. Minimum temperature 15.3℃!
This is what we have to look forward to tonight and tomorrow. I think I’ll put my bike into the storeroom right now.


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