That train again

The rain and storm started on time according to the forecast. In all, so far today, there has been nearly 30mm of precipitation. Most of it fell this morning during the early hours. We didn’t go for our walk until 08:00 and even then there was some light rain. Despite the threatening weather, we performed our usual walk to get back to the camping around 09:45.

I’d prepared my breakfast earlier so it was cooked and waiting in the pot for me to eat however it was some while later that I actually got down to eating it. Apart from the first call of the day from Simon at LBS, I’ve put in three large washes for the Bahlman family, seen off the Romanians and welcomed some more Swiss bringing the total count of Swiss up to six. The other two couples came only for a couple of nights around one week ago. It was more like lunchtime when I ate breakfast but at least it was cool enough.

Apart from the customers and their washing, I’ve been reinstalling my Raspberry Pi as it had an annoying mishap and I felt it quicker to reinstall it than try to fix it. I’ve also been trying to get a WiFi repeater installed at the bottom of the camping but that is probably nearly ready to roll. I’ve also changed the WiFi system software and updated it to the latest version. All this while talking Simon through changing the BIOS settings on his laptop we’re reinstalling and a couple of calls to Louise at EG. Not forgetting the Doggy Dinners which I also managed to fit in.

I went for a hot solar-powered shower just now as even the dogs had stopped speaking to me and the customers had increased their Social Distance to around 4m.

I’m inside typing with Luis snoozing next to me taking up my spot on the rear bench seat. He will not be there much longer when I have my supper to eat. I’d planned to make interesting food but have just not had the time today.

The weather is from the southeast so the sea is sounding like that express train which I referred to when I was here for the first six months. Given that I’m a lot further away from the sea behind a fence and loads of trees, it must be extremely noisy for all those who opted to be near the sea. The new Swiss arrivals prefer to be further away and have set themselves up in one of the roads as we have little traffic.

Today is Oskar and Charlie’s birthday as it’s the public holiday to celebrate Oxi Day.

It’s all about water…


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