I’ve still not caught up with the hour change so was awake well before the alarm. We were out and at the far end of the Promontory when I noticed the first drops of rain in the light of my head torch. It was raining harder by the time we reached the other end of the Promontory so we hastened back to the camping for some shelter. Just as we got under the awning, the rain came down harder but lasted only a few minutes so I grabbed a coat and we set off again.

This time, we were heading east along the beaches as far as we could go. It began to rain again so we sheltered under some conveniently located trees. Again, it was just a shower so we were able to continue our walk. The waves were breaking over the rocks at the end so we stayed on the beach.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Alonáki Beach without stones so there was a great expanse of sand! The sea had been busy building up shingle banks as well as washing away the stones. A cat appeared from nowhere so Luis chased after it as it ran across the road. Luis has only the bark collar and he knows it. I have no control over him other than he won’t bark. A couple of the others slipped across the road so I had to get them back and then get hold of Luis once the cat had made its getaway. The road is not busy early in the morning and Greek drivers are used to dogs and other animals wandering around in the road.

I went off to Krios but could see there was more weather approaching. It was raining very lightly when I arrived and met Gregor and his dogs on the road. We’d not been there long when the rain pelted down so we sheltered in the two toilet cubicles by the beach. Gregor used his one for its intended purpose whilst I shared the adjoining facility with his two dogs.

I made my escape once the rain had stopped and we’d had a look around the beach bar. There must have been some wind as a portion of the roof had been blown off. It was only wire mesh and palm leaves but it was now behind rather than over the bar.

I released the dogs and got on with breakfast and feeding them. There was nothing to call me away from my breakfast today as there were no departures or arrivals. Only one more wash for the German families who are leaving tomorrow morning to go to Elafonissi for a few days. They say they might come back when they need more washing! Their little joke, having used the machine four times during their stay.

I chatted to one of the sons about their camping in Germany which he told me they ran something on the lines of La Taillade. They don’t employ staff as everything is done by family members however their season is only five months long. The rest of the time is taken up with their holidays and maintaining the site. He said this year was something like 40% UP on the normal season. Most of their customers were Germans who didn’t wish to go abroad after lockdown. He said they were completely full all of the time and turning people away by the hundreds! Maybe they’ll have another good year next summer.

A large portion of my day was taken up with reinstalling Simon’s laptop and what time remained was used to fix the WiFi access point on the roof of the storeroom and to unbung the drain holes to get rid of the ponds on the roof. Otherwise, the water soaks down into the storeroom and floods the floor. I’m going to need to get up there to trim the tree as it’s getting out of hand and overhanging the roof, dropping leaves to bung up the drain holes.

I’d fed the dogs and was preparing food for myself when my phone rang for a couple who wanted a room for the night. They arrived, having taken a diversion to Alonáki Beach and Ammos Beach Bar for some reason. I walked down and pointed them in the right direction then put them in M6 as they wanted a private shower with two single beds. All of the chalets have doubles and rather inconvenient singles but they do have heating. They are only staying one night and were unaware of the road closure so plan to leave around one.

The weather sorted itself out to be warm and sunny after the initial showers, some heavy as they say on the Shipping Forecast. I think my supper is ready…


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