Little Switzerland

Certain dogs went walkabout during the transition from the Promontory to the beach. Usually, I marshall the dogs when we leave the Promontory and start our beach walk but today I wasn’t paying attention.

It was when Skinny, Obi and Isabella went racing off into the distance for some reason that I discovered there were only four dogs with me. We scouted around a little before returning to the camping where Charlie and Fido soon appeared at the compound gate. Luis was too busy chasing the numerous cats to waste time coming back. I caught up with him moments later and picked him up to take him back since the desire to chase the cats was more powerful.

We set off once more, this time turning left out of the field and along the beach eastwards. By this time it was light so I had no problem ensuring there was not another chicken event. The sea was calmer so we made it onto the rocks at our destination and then set off back again.

The sea has made a good job stacking up the shingle into banks in places. It’s slightly inconvenient as it involves clambering over the piles of stones. We continued on to the Promontory and over the rocks. Unlike yesterday, I decided not to get my feet and boots wet by being caught by a large wave when crossing the causeway. The sea was much calmer anyway. My boots and socks were dry this morning even though both were washed out in fresh water to remove the salt.

I’d decided to go swimming as the sea and wind were a lot calmer. Even so, I went on the AlonĂ¡ki side as it was calmer than Grammeno Beach side. The sea is still warm enough to be in for a good amount of time despite the dull weather and all the colder rain falling and flowing into it. The hot shower that followed was also enjoyable.

Thence to breakfast and the remainder of the day which has consisted of some support calls from LBS, fixing the WiFi relay down at the bottom of the camping and moving the camera from inside the kitchen to outside so I can see what’s going on looking west along the bottom of the camping. I need to trim some of the leaves from the tree as these reflect the light back at nighttime and block some of the view during the day. Maybe tomorrow.

I also slightly realigned the bar camera which now points west too. The inhabitants of Little Switzerland were together in the bar area performing some exercises. Since the departure of the Bahlmann family, the camping population is now predominantly Swiss with six adults and two children. There is also one Austrian and two Germans. The French couple were here only for one night and left once the road opened at 13:00.

The saga of the EG websites continues with a discovery that the intranet site is also compromised and requires remedial work.

It’s still quite humid at 89%

My Pot is hissing noisily so soon it should be time to eat. Skinny and Isabella are chewing empty Leisgard bottles. I’ve run out so will have to get some more before the spring dosing. It’s not quite so important during winter but better safe than leishmaniasis!

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