Quite lazy…

It has been a wonderful day!

There was a leisurely start even though the wakeup time was the same. I see no point in rushing around to walk about in the dark for too long so I didn’t hurry the dogs out and we took our time. The walks were uneventful and, as it was cooler, a little brisk. There was a car parked on AlonĂ¡ki Beach with a tent nearby. A guy emerged from the tent as we walked back towards the Promontory for our second visit but the dogs sauntered past him showing little interest. There was only a small amount of guidance on my part.

Once back at the camping, I set off for a quick ride to Krios and back. There was no one at Krios so I came straight back although I received a phone call from the couple who arrived yesterday enquiring the location of the bakery. I told him which way to ride from the camping and then rode with him to the bakery so he could perform his purchases. I know he came back to the camping as I saw him a little later.

My next mission was to collect another night from the young German woman solo with a tent. I told her yesterday she could stay on and I’d simply collect another night from her. She is heading to Elafonissi today.

I released the dogs, fed the cats (again) and made my breakfast.

From this point, the day slowed down and became rather lazy. I had a visit from Georgia who’d been in the office shuffling papers. She said someone would fix the blocked drain and told me there wasn’t a lot of oil from the olives this year. I then went to welcome a couple from Estonia who’d arrived with a motorhome.

The couple are considering staying on Crete for some while and are staying here a few days to check it out before deciding to stay longer. In the same way as the German couple who arrived yesterday.

I’d put the Doggy Dinners on when I’d taken my breakfast out so they were ready for processing. I needed to stop mid-way to remove washing from the machine for the Estonians who are parked parallel with the restaurant kitchen. I might pop down there tomorrow morning and remove a branch or two from the Holy ‘Cedars’ which are junipers as it’s blocking the way.

I suggested the couple make themselves known to the Swiss Gym Club as they are interested in Yoga. They also have road bikes and would like to cycle around in the mountains. For shopping and tripping, they have very new-looking electric bikes. They seem a very pleasant couple so it wouldn’t be a hardship if they decided to stay.

Before her departure, Georgia commented on the wonderful review left by Andrei from Romania. He and his family enjoyed their stay and said I was a good host. Georgia reckons it might be busier this winter as there are fewer safe places for people to go.

I’d just sat down and noticed a white car pull into the camping. White cars are often rentals so I set off for the reception to find a German guy on the phone ringing the office phone. His next plan was to call my mobile with the number from the notice on the door. He’d reserved via Booking.com so paid me as I collected his details. I put him in Z2 and he’s considering staying on and extending his holiday since Germany is going into lockdown and he, like me, needs only a phone, laptop and Internet connection to work. I said we could work something out on the price if he stays longer…

The moon heading for the horizon
Full Moon over the Plakaki ‘Hotel’
Slightly warmer and less humid today.

As well as being lazy, I also managed a quick swim late in the afternoon followed by a wonderfully hot solar-powered shower.

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