I could hear barking dogs this morning as we walked up the Promontory. I’m not entirely certain Isabella may have been slightly responsible as she seems incapable of playing without barking loudly. Each time I tell her to be quiet she stops playing. She seems not to understand that playing is allowed, just not the barking bit.

Whilst walking, I decided I needed to have another go at getting Georgia to engage with the barking problem. Strangely, the dogs don’t bark that much during the day. I determined to call Maria and have a chat with her. I made it plain to Maria that I wouldn’t tolerate any interruptions as she’s very good at putting me on hold to talk to others. I told her that two separate customers had left that day having indicated they would stay longer. They didn’t actually specify that they were leaving because of the dogs barking during the night but they were the nearest to the dogs so I expect that was the case. One couple said they might return but I had the feeling they were just fobbing me off.

I received a call from a German couple who wanted a small cabin. I explained about the road closures as they were coming from Chania. I now understand the afternoon closure is from 15:00-17:00. Georgia only found out via Tony as he was caught out by it. The Germans arrived in the afternoon. I didn’t want to put them in Z1 due to the dogs, offered them Z5 but they wanted Z1 regardless of the barking dogs. They are not sure how long they will stay, their flight back is Thursday but they are considering extending as Germany is in lockdown. The Swiss cyclists with the tent which I upgraded are planning to stay longer so I offered them a change of sheets.

I managed a ride to Krios and back without stopping which was good due to the departures. One departee had paid on arrival but the other owed two nights and was filling his van with water when I came back from my ride.

The Estonians were hard at work in the community room, a portion of which they have turned into their office. They asked if they could leave their laptops there but I advised them against it. They suggested we could have a video night as they have a large screen.

I’ve been quite active today so the dogs have been on their own a bit in the afternoon. Having settled the new Germans, Marie-Christine told me she’d locked herself out of her van by accidentally flicking up the door lever into lock position when leaving. We borrowed an extending broom handle from the neighbours, I turned up the edge of her insect screen and poked the handle in through an open window to flick the lever to unlock the door. Teddy was pleased to be released from custody as he’s been trapped inside. Marie-Christine and I had a chat for a while and then she gave me her spare set of keys for the caravan and the car. Just in case…

It would appear that Georgia has engaged with my comments about losing business due to the dogs barking in the night. Whether the solution will yield the desired results remains to be seen. I feel the main problem is they are bored and lonely. Providing food and shelter is only part of the equation…

The dogs had extra rice again this evening which appears to have resulted in six sleepy dogs in the van. Only Isabella is on the floor having deserted on the seat. Obi is on a blanket under the awning. Oskar is doing a convincing impersonation of a potty dog!

We have new COVID rules now. There are two flavours of risk instead of four but the rules are stricter for the worst affected areas. Maria is in Athens where mask-wearing is obligatory inside and out. Here too but I doubt anyone will take any notice…

Spinach, potatoes and cauliflower this evening. I’m just waiting on the cauliflower.


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