Clean socks

There were barking dogs in the night but not from the camping, from elsewhere. For some reason, they woke me up giving me time to go back to sleep again before the alarm which is always a great feeling.

Charlie became distracted by something during the walk and it took me a while to notice he wasn’t with us. Something to do with him being somewhat blacker than Oskar who manages to keep up. And you wonder why I call him ‘tail-end Charlie’. We doubled-back to discover Charlie hastening in the correct direction at least! I kept a closer eye on him from then on.

Passing the Plaki Hotel on the return journey, one of the inmates was out with a dog at the end of the building. The dog began to bark however my lot continued on although Isabella had some help in deciding not to investigate said mutt.

I didn’t remember to charge my bike battery yesterday so watched the battery indicator drop from 2/5 to 1/5 as I was climbing the hill through the greenhouses. Not an ideal start to the proceedings! I turned off the traction power once I reached the top and didn’t turn it back on again until I was on my way home.

During the downhill section, I met Gregor and his dogs so we had a chat before I completed my workout by continuing on to Krios. I stopped on the way back so we could exchange telephone numbers as I’m going to try to get his dog added to my cat collection for neutering.

It was past nine as I turned into the gate so it was fortunate that no customers planned to leave before the road closed. I gathered my washing and put it into the machine then fed the dogs and prepared my food. I put in a load of shirts which had been hanging in the cupboard over the summer as they looked a little dusty. They are now packed into a vacuum bag and back in the cupboard. In fact, all of the laundry is folded up and put away. It was mostly shorts and T-shirts other than the bed linen.

The remainder of the morning floated by with a couple of small IT jobs amongst other things. The washing dried quickly so I was able to get that in early. The German couple in Z1 are leaving tonight having decided not to extend their stay until Sunday as the weather forecast isn’t too promising. I explained that they’d been blessed with some good days and suggested they return another time.

Tony came in to do the bins and walk the dogs so I hijacked him to change the leaking water pipe in the Gentlemen’s facility. The floor is no longer wet and slippery which is a bonus.

The other punters seem to be playing nicely together especially the Swiss. We could do with a couple of arrivals tomorrow maybe.

The weather is likely to become unsettled at the end of the week with showers from Friday afternoon until Saturday morning with some wind from tomorrow.

I’ve not done everything I’d intended today but have sorted out the money for Georgia should she visit again this weekend.


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