Another national lockdown – yippee!

We were advised, quite a while ago that there would be no further national lockdowns, however, another, three-week(!) lockdown commences at 06:00 Saturday. The lockdown will probably be much the same as the last one except that pre-school and primary schools will remain open. Senior schools will revert to distance learning. Supermarkets, pharmacies and medical facilities will remain available however most other retail outlets will close. Cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs were closed a few days ago anyway. The full list of rules is being announced as I write. Whether Georgia decides to close the camping remains to be seen. I’ve had an enquiry from a potential customer who is at Agios Nikolaos but intends to arrive tomorrow evening. He wrote to me some while ago requesting information.

Our early walks were uneventful as I kept a close eye on Charlie and any other potential stragglers. On the return trip, the dogs spotted PlusOne who was minding his own business a lot further down the beach. Most of them went racing off once they saw him until I called them back. Only Skinny continued oblivious. That was until he received a remote electronic recall which concentrated his mind and had him running back towards the others!

I rode out to Krios meeting Gregor and his dogs on the road just short of the destination. I rode on ahead, pursued by his dogs and we had time for a chat and for me to pet the dogs. Standing still, I felt underdressed so left from Grammeno.

The forecast tells of strong winds for Saturday so I took the opportunity to trim the carob trees which would otherwise strike the metal roof above the van and be annoying. I also trimmed those with branches scraping the roof of the toilets or likely to interfere with my Internet cable from the workshop to the customer kitchen.

The dogs were finally released and fed just before 10:00 and the day warmed up quite pleasantly. I prepared my breakfast then put on a wash for Marie-Christine as it was a good day for washing. I took the opportunity to put some hooks up in the shower I patronise as well as to move the showerhead down to a more realistic height. Whoever put them in much have been born in Wilmington!

I ate my breakfast quite late due to my pruning activities and spent a little time sorting out a data problem for LBS with the assistance of Caroline. There were no other IT calls today.

Since all of the electricity meters are taken, I decided to make up another, simpler kind from some kit I purchased a while ago but took a long time to arrive from China. To make up the meters last year cost around €50 apiece, these are about €20 and connect to the WiFi so I can read them and control them from anywhere via my phone!

I’d made up the Doggy Dinners early so only had to process them. My phone rang to tell me someone was at the reception. A German couple in a classic Russian-built camper in marvellous condition. I informed them about the impending lockdown and the lack of firm information but they will stay tonight and take it from there.

There has been an enquiry from a woman wishing to camp in December. I replied suggesting she might wish to consider a more comfortable alternative to her tent. We don’t know how long this three-week lockdown will last anyway.

As a result of the new arrivals, the dogs were very keen to see me so I fed them immediately. They are now asleep either on the bench seats or the floor. Strange how Luis can take up as much space as Skinny!

My supper is in the Pot and is hopefully now ready for me to eat.

A gust of 55km/h so far today. It will become windier on Saturday with showers tomorrow and again next week.

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