Winter’s arrived Obi’s inside!

A brief shower fell as I was in bed reading the news and weather so I decided I should stay a little longer. I eventually got up and prepared the dogs for departure. Another shower fell as we left and it became a theme as the walk went on. Other than the dampness and the wind, the walk was uneventful.

I’d decided to ride into Paleochora to stock up with groceries seeing as I had nothing for the Doggy Dinners after today. I’d no sooner left the camping when another shower started and stayed with me to the supermarket. There were not too many shoppers so I was able to get round in good time to head back to the camping. More rain was falling so I engaged hyperdrive on my bike to get back as quickly as possible. Despite the rain, I wasn’t that wet so decided to skip the shower I’d promised myself.

There was no queue of customers trying to leave the camping so I fed the dogs and got breakfast on the go. I kept busy whilst it was cooking so it was getting on by the time I got to eat it.

After some sunshine and showers, the day became progressively cool and windy with more frequent showers.

I had an arrival who turned out to be Greek despite having a Swiss registration. He left Greece a number of years ago and moved to Switzerland to work as a technical document translator. He’s now back in Greece for a while and plans to stay at Grammeno for a month or so.

My next arrival was Robert who’d come from Agios Nikolaos in his Hymer motorhome. His is younger than mine and not showing the wear of seven years of dogs! He’s staying for a month and has taken a place by the beach.

I’ve moved the Swiss residents to a monthly tariff so the couple in Z6 now pay €7/night and not €22! The other Swiss couple in their van now pay €9.33 and not €18. The weather encouraged more people into the community room. I’ve been suggesting the customers join the Grammeno Community so that I don’t have to send each one a message and they can post useful information to other campers.

The lockdown begins at 06:30 tomorrow morning so I shall complete an exercise form as an example of the requirements as the form is all in Greek.

A Spanish couple in a motorhome arrived and tried to stay for one night. I suggested that they would have to remain if they stayed one night so they left. I can’t say I’m too bothered as they were complaining about the weather. It’s winter after all!

I eventually got back and fed the dogs but already it’s 20:00 so time for some food.


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