Mad Moment

It’s that time of the day again so the dogs are having a mad moment. This present moment consists of Isabella rushing around and Skinny barking excitedly at her before progressing into a tug-o-war with one of the blankets. Those blankets have survived puppies and all sorts but have also developed a few holes.

The wind continued through the night as expected. It was not so strong on our walks although still significant. Our walks were uneventful other than Charlie and Luis sloping off towards the camping. I noticed their absence and sent them a little reminder to return which had to escalate to something more forceful as no notice was taken. A little yelp issued from the darkness as Charlie decided it might be a good plan to do my bidding and return more briskly. I kept poking Charlie and Luis for the remainder of the walk. The moon is now overhead at about 50% so it wasn’t as dark as the last couple of day.s

I took Isabella on the same walk as yesterday around Kountoura and she still showed no sign of being even remotely tired. She has so much bounce when we set off on the first walk and expends her energy by pestering the others, especially Charlie. Poor Charly seems to receive more of her attention than the others.

Now that the dogs are on their collars and not on the lead, we no longer walk as far but walk the beach which is shorter but harder than walking up the river. The beach walk is preferable to the river walk as it’s easier to keep track of the dogs and there are fewer temptations in the form of undesirable unpleasantness. The downside is that it takes longer to go a shorter distance which doesn’t work too well with this month’s Challenge.

Once back at the camping the dogs were fed and breakfast was on the go. I sat down and got involved with producing a simplified Motion Certificate as the standard offering is poorly laid out and unnecessarily confusing. I created a certificate which can be edited on a tablet or laptop and then exported as a PDF via DropBox onto a mobile for signing so it’s always with you. As my walks are at the same time, I shall just make a template and make the certificates up a week in advance. No one’s like to ever check them but a €300 fine concentrates the mind.

The morning passed quickly away as the sun was warm and the wind much less prominent. I went out to the loo at one point and bumped into Timothy George’s other half who invited me for some English Tea. Afternoon Tea – how British. We chatted a while and then I went back to do some useful jobs. One included running a wire around the base of the tent sides and anchoring the sides to it. This is the mark one version as I need to see how the wire and hooks stand up to the tension. The tent sides are now a lot less flappy than before.

I was a little slow at putting on some rice for the dogs so it’s now dark and there is a silent protest going on. I notice that none of the entrance lights have come of which may require my attention.

A little warmer today but Monday afternoon through to Tuesday morning look damp with more wind forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday so I’ll be able to see if my tent is any less flappy.


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