More rain

We’re getting up later now that it’s darker in the mornings. Not so much because of sunrise but the darker and cloudier skies. Our walk went without anyone getting lost or sloping off. I made sure to gather the dogs together more regularly so there was less opportunity for any disappearing acts.

Isabella and I walked to Kountoura again. We are making friends with the dogs we pass, one particularly that I used to pet when I was running with Skinny. The fluffy dog on the balcony above the Anatoli Bakery is just as noisy as ever as is the Shepherd behind the fence by the greenhouses. We stopped for a chat and he managed to contain himself until we moved off whereupon the barking began again. I still think that Isabella is no more tired than usual after her extra walk just a little hungrier.

Back at the camping, we wandered down to the beach to look at the sea. There were not many customers about but we sat on a sunlounger for a little while to admire the view before going back the others having put a load into the washing machine on the way. I’m told by Robert that he intends going back to Germany on Wednesday so his one month stay which started on Friday has been very short. Apparently, his wife is not enjoying the lockdown on her own.

We had our breakfasts and then I went up to the entrance to investigate the matter of the lights. I discovered that the cable which serves the illuminated sign had been completely severed by the movement of the sign due to the wind. The cable routing leaves a little to be desired. I shall acquire some more cable and route it differently so it doesn’t suffer in the same way. I’ve removed the old cable and the other lights were again working, however, I notice they are off for some reason so there may be another fault. For another day…

I accomplished a couple of other little tasks down at the bar and also I pumped up my bike tyres when I moved it inside out of the forecast rain. I knew they were getting soft so was fortunate to have the electric pump handy as fat tyres take quite a bit of pumping with a hand pump.

There were occasional spots of rain but Robert had hung his washing under the roof by the kitchen which gives some protection. I reckon it was probably dry despite the way he’d hung it out without using clothes pegs.

The afternoon was uneventful other than to collect the money from the Müllers who are leaving early tomorrow morning so they say. I processed the Doggy Dinners and put on some rice for them and for me too.

The sky became even darker and now the rain has begun. It’s only light but only 1.5mm has fallen so far as can be seen from the chart below.

An alert shows there is a nice thunderstorm at the east end of the island.


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