Wet n’ windy

As for the weather, that’s another matter!

The sound of rain falling on the over-roof persuaded me to set my watch timer for thirty minutes to see if it would clear. There was little action from the troops either.

We finally went out at 07:00 so it was light which was a bonus. We walked the beaches and met the Swiss couple in Z6 who were out getting some exercise. They petted the dogs before separating on our separate ways. Soon after, we met another three runners however they were less receptive to the attention of the dogs and we continued on our separate ways. The Swiss couple caught us up so Isabella ran with them until they reached the rocks at the end of the Promontory where the rest of the gang caught them up. The couple carried on with Isabella as outrider however, after a while, she turned back to join the others.We saw them disappearing off along the beach towards Kountoura.

We returned to the camping where I fed the dogs before preparing my own breakfast. The weather was still miserable so most of the dogs went into the van and fell asleep. After breakfast, I went up to see what was amiss with the entranceway lights. I reset the timer and the switch so we’ll see what happens this evening.

Other than to walk the dogs, I’ve done very little. I’d considered riding into Petrakis for some groceries but the rain has been persistent which put me off that plan. I repaid Robert his money so he can leave tomorrow afternoon for the ferry from Souda to Piraeus. He’ll go back to Germany via Brenna then through Austria.

Later, I wandered down to the sea to check out the clouds in an attempt to give the dogs a second walk seeing as they’ve not done much all day either. Alas, the monotony continues with more light rain. The idea of being shut in with a load of wet dogs all night precludes walking in the rain.

I spent some time reconfiguring a CCTV camera I bought a while ago. It worked fine on my phone but I needed it to connect to the camping’s recorder and network. With a little extra investigation, I was able to get it to connect and configured. Now I need to decide the best place to put it. I’ll think about that when it’s sunny and dry.

The Müllers left this morning as they need to return to Germany to go back to work. They stayed at Grammeno for seventeen nights.

My watch has frequently warned me of impending thunderstorms which are mostly littering the Mediterranean to the east of the island and towards Cyprus. The main storms are going the wrong way however there are other little stormlets lurking nearer to here.

More rain is falling making it more miserable outside. I’m definitely glad I decided against taking the dogs for another walk! I expect the punters have taken up residence in the Community Room which seems to be very popular. I see there is another desk and computer as Nikos has set himself up in there too. I’m still sitting outside but it can’t be a lot of fun for those with just a van to live in.

Today’s theme has been wind and rain with 5.1mm as of 18:20 with more falling.


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