Nasty encryption virus

There was barely a trickle of water so crossing the two rivers was very easy indeed. Added to that, we seemed to arrive a little later so it was properly light. We’d done the first Promontory circuit in the dark but it was a clear morning with the final remains of the moon and some stars. Mercury was following the Moon together with some brighter stars.

There was very little excitement on the walks other than progress was quite slow for some reason. Georgia’s dogs were quite noisy and appear to have been making a racket for most of the day. The people nearby must be driven to distraction. I find them annoying enough and I have a building, distance and several trees between me and them. Following the second Promontory walk, I put the dogs in the van, loaded the washing machine for Marie-Christine then took Isabella for a walk to see her little doggy friends in Kountoura. I was a little overdressed for the occasion and would have done well to leave my heave fleece behind. We enjoyed our walk which was slightly longer than yesterday’s as I didn’t cut any corners.

The washing was not quite ready for transporting back to its owner so I fed the dogs and started on my breakfast. It is Doggy Dinner Day but the Nasty Encryption Virus put paid to getting the dinners prepared early. I noticed an email from Natalie, one of the EG bookkeepers, which had an image of a particularly unpleasant screen. Further investigations proved that the server had been infected with one of those nasty viruses which encrypt all the data then demand a ransome to unravel it all: hence the title ‘RansomeWare’.

I managed to deal with the RansomeWare problem although it’s not yet solved. I’m waiting to hear from the support department at the hosting company. I wrote to them early on but stupidly used an address which is not recognised by their system which has delayed things somewhat.

Despite the virus problem, emptying the washing machine, resetting other email accounts and advising Mr Lawrence over the purchase of a replacement printer, The Doggy Dinners got done although the results were somewhat more sloppy than I would have liked. I provided some additional rice to try to soak it up a little and there were even seconds as the bowls were too full to accommodate all the sloppiness! Skinny and Isabella didn’t get seconds as their bowls are bigger to accommodate more slop on the first pass.

Georgia’s dogs have really excelled themselves today. They started barking early in the morning and have managed to keep it going for much of the day. I saw Georgia’s pickup in the camping earlier as she is doubtless supervising the olive harvest at their property so maybe she got to witness for herself how annoying they are.

Other than that, it’s been a warm and sunny day although it’s a great deal cooler now. I shall deal with my own food and call it a day!


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