Another straggler

There was nearly a further chicken incident this morning as Obi was rounding up some of the chickens at the Plakaki Hotel. He was eagerly joined by Luis until I worked out what was going on whereupon both were recalled with the utmost insistence. A bit of yelping was involved so hopefully, they won’t try that one again. I shall have to keep a close eye on those two when we pass Plakaki in future.

Other than a near-chicken incident, we found a very unhappy-looking and bedraggled straggler in the Grammeno Beach car park. Interestingly, the dogs went to investigate the straggler but didn’t try to chase him off. After some initial sniffing, they went about their own doggy business until I called them to follow me back to the camping.

On my way to Paleochora, I rode round to the car park to see if the dog was still there. He was in about the same position as before but scarpered as I approached.

I continued into Paleochora to purchase some vegetables and more cat food. This time I purchased one premium quality food for ‘my’ cats and was introduced by Yannis to a much cheaper product for the others. With this number of cats, they can chomp their way through 20kg in around a month. This product is €22 for 20kg, the same price as the dog food I give to the rabble. 20kg cat food goes quite a long way unless you have lots of cats of course. From now on, there will be a two-tier cat feeding arrangement.

Once back, I released the dogs and fed them before setting off for the first wash of the day. Having dealt with that, I walked to Grammeno Beach car park to give food to the straggler if he/she was still around. The dog was under the same boat as we found Isabella nearly one year ago. He ran away as I approached so I left a pot of food on the ground and walked away until he’d finished eating. I then left some food nearby and went back to the camping to finish preparing my breakfast.

I exchanged washing loads and then it was nearly time for my weekly call home however I had managed to fit in some breakfast. I had to deliver the washing during my call but it was merely a matter of leaving it on a table as no one was around.

The remainder of the afternoon was equally warm and sunny but I was busy turning Antonis’ mushrooms into a mushroom stifado of my own design. The Stifado is in the Pot together with some Doggy Rice as yesterday’s DDs were more than somewhat sloppy. I tried to buy loose lentils this morning but there were only the more expensive branded ones available. Lentils are an integral ingredient of the DDs and help to thicken it up somewhat.

The sun has set, the dogs are fed and I’ve bunged some more rice into the Pot to accompany the stifado which is now settling on a board covered by a tea towel. It’ll still be warm enough by the time the rice is ready.

The remains of the moon with Mercury at 13:00. A dawn scene with Paleochora in the distance. The sun is back to rising over the sea again as we have only a few weeks until the December solstice.
It’s getting cooler in the night. Soon time for a second blanket or even the DUVET!


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