Relaxing day

There have been few meaningful achievements today after the morning exercise extravaganza. Isabella and I walked to Kountoura and back in the morning sunshine. Considering it’s Sunday and during a lockdown, there seemed to be plenty of activity. Men sitting in the kafeteria drinking coffee, people working and buying stuff from the shops which were open. The shops are selling agricultural supplies or irrigation equipment. Hardly a place for browsing on a Sunday morning.

The other dogs were pleased to be let out although they’d undoubtedly been asleep during the hour we were absent. I fed them after removing their collars then prepared my own breakfast. I could see that Bona and husband had been in as the kitchens are clean as are the toilets.

The morning was a little windy so I was reluctant to part with my fleece right from the start however I was only wearing a light fleece for both of the walks. The sun became warmer as the day progressed which made it extremely difficult to get much done. The temptation to sit in my chair and read the newspapers or browse the Internet was overwhelming. I might even have fallen asleep at some point.

Despite general lethargy, I managed to get the Doggy Dinners on early and process them as well. There is some additional rice in The Pot which should soon be ready for them. Isabella has not been able to wait so is indulging in some pre-supper carob pods. She eats quite a few carob pods.

One of the customers is having a problem with his camper and needs the help of a mechanic so I sent a message to Manolis after a reliable mechanic. He referred me back to Antonis which was handy as now I’ve included Manolis in the loop so he won’t feel left out. I’m sure he has plenty to do and it’s easier to get a mechanic from Kountoura due to the weekday road closures. Anyone coming from Paleochora risks being trapped the wrong side of the works.

I found the time to cut my hair and to have a shower as well as sweep the floor in the van and tidy up a little – a very little. No point in washing the floor since rain is predicted from Tuesday. Not that you’d know it as I noticed Tony was watering everything in the camping as if his life depended on it. He gets paid to water so that’s what he does.

Some dogs out on their walk. Charlie seems more interested in something else.

The temperature struggled up to 22.2C but the cold breeze felt chilly.


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