The forecast rain didn’t materialise so we were out on the Promontory around 05:50. I was keen to get on as I planned to go shopping in Paleochora. We had a brisk walk up the beach to the rocks at then end and then back to the camping via the Promontory. The Straggler, now slightly emboldened, was at the end of Alonáki Beach as we were heading back to the camping. I hadn’t noticed immediately however, this time the dogs had. I called them back and asked them to be polite then we carried on our way.

I jumped on my bike and rode into Paleochora for some groceries. I was pleased to discover they now have loose lentils so bought a couple of kilos to fill up one of my large jars. The loose lentils are around €2/kilo whereas the branded packets are about twice the price!

I couldn’t hang around due to the road closure and passed through around 08:45. I fed the dogs, made some tea and then went to put on some washing for the German couple for a change. I then went off for a walk up the beach to feed the Straggler.

I knew that Mr Ammos Beach Bar didn’t want her loitering in his precious space so I’d fed her on the beach the previous evening however she’d gone back to the Beach Bar. This morning, I fed her in the same place and made a bit of a fuss of her. She was following me as I walked back to the camping so I went in and chatted to the Swiss couple who were eating their breakfast. Slowly, the Straggler came into the camping and started to make friends with the customers. Better that she is in the camping where at least there is some shelter as the weather will turn cooler and showery over the next couple of days.

Timothy George announced he was going to catch the ferry back to the mainland but would spend a few days in an airB&B so would be leaving tomorrow. I made up his bill and they are off some time during the afternoon road opening. I went back for my breakfast and to get on with my day.

The EG malware business has dominated my time but I’ve set up the software on the Bookkeeper’s laptop and helped her to order some more RAM. I downloaded the only remaining copy of the accounts data and she tells me that version of the accounts has some 800 transactions missing. Unless there is another backup elsewhere, this is going to be quite annoying.

Other IT activity included Furniture Helpline, the furniture charity which has been my client for several years and which cleared my house in Hindhead when I sold up. They have changed premises but forgot to tell me before doing so causing a few problems reconfiguring their router. Usually, I’d set the new configuration before changing premises and not after.

Later in the afternoon, I went down to the bar area to see if the Straggler was around as she has quite a few fleas. I gave her some topical flea treatment and suggested to the punters they wash their hands after petting her or leave her alone for a couple of days. She got to know some of the cats and is still acquainting herself with the customers who seem not to be bothered by her.

Nikos has survived his doctor’s visit to Chania and was not attacked by bandits as he crossed the mountains. He was raking as I walked up and said that he’d like it to be tidy seeing as he was now resident for a while.

The dogs are now fed, including the Straggler, who is now in Little Switzerland by the bar. They are training her not to bark or jump on the table whilst they are eating. With some food, flea treatment and a little attention, her tail is up and she’s running around happily. She’s no longer cowering with he tail jammed down between her legs.

It’s going to be cold, windy and showery from tomorrow evening until Friday night.


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