Naughty Obi!

I watched the pilot of Ironside last night. It’s only a little way in when he gets shot. Raymond Burr has put on a little weight since Perry Mason! It was all good, exciting stuff and Ironside got his man/woman – no spoilers here!

The morning was a little damp with rain blowing over the mountains with the northerly wind. I wasn’t wearing a waterproof outer garment as it wasn’t that cold, just windy. We spun round the Promontory quickly enough but it was starting to rain as we headed down the beach towards Plakaki. I thought at one point we might have to abandon but shower came and finally went giving way to a little sunshine.

I was thinking about other things as we headed back along Alonáki Beach to discover that only six dogs were present when we reached the Promontory for the second trip around. Having not been paying attention, Obi took advantage to slope off on a mission of his own. He was probably out of range of the remote and amongst the buildings so it was too late to try to get him back. Tomorrow he’ll be much closer to me!

The others enjoyed the walk and we were able to return to the camping dry. I put the dogs inside then Isabella and I played hunt the Obi and explored the river which is now dry as well as the area close to Houmas Restaurant, which is now very much closed up for winter.

We were back by 09:15 so I released and fed all of the dogs save the absent Obi. He returned in the arms of Franca who found him investigating the Straggler. Not an ideal situation as the Straggler has a good infestation of fleas so I’d rather my lot keep their distance. Due to his lateness, Obi went without breakfast which was a shame as he had to watch me pour a new bag of food into the food bin however he was able to join in with the general scramble for the grotty remnants cleared out from the bottom of the bin and bag.

I then went down to feed the other to discover from Franca that she’d had an upset stomach which I attributed to the vegetable mixture she’d been given the previous evening. The others are used to the diet so don’t have any digestive problems. She’s had only doggy biscuits today so Franca won’t have a nasty mess to deal with in the morning.

Timothy George and partner were preparing for their lunchtime departure. Like star cruisers before the jump into Hyper-Space, they were dumping their waste and emptying their toilet cassette. Unfortunately, the lid from the emptying orifice fell into the underground poo chamber. Timothy George declined to go in search of the cassette lid when we removed the access to the poo chamber and felt that €7 for a replacement lid was very good value!

I ate my breakfast but had some work to do for a meeting later in the day with Terry, Natalie, the bookkeeper, and Anthea (Murphy). We discussed the encrypted data, decided to draw a line under it and change to a different system. Natalie has set up an online bookkeeping program which will be perfectly satisfactory so Sage will be abandoned once the 2019-2020 books are closed off. I will cancel the server hosting which will go some way to pay for the new arrangement. Sage is very expensive and too complex for the Guild’s needs present and future.

I went to say goodbye to Timothy George and partner before rushing off to Paleochora to pick up a parcel from the post office and a couple of items from Petrakis seeing as I was already there. I got rained on when cycling in and a little on the way back.

I made it back in time for my meeting which lasted only fifteen minutes! The remainder of the afternoon was taken up with getting Natalie connected to the online data source to which she has the master copy. She also attempted to upgrade the RAM on her laptop which spawned a couple more support calls. She eventually managed to sort it out with the help of her mother! I suspect she hadn’t quite put the RAM module in correctly. It’s so easy now as systems immediately recognise upgrades so there are no configuration changes to make.

In between all of this, I’d made the Doggy Dinners and put on some rice to bulk it up. Not that it needed rice as we now have a new supply of loose lentils so a thicker mix.

There have been a few short showers however less than 0.20mm so insufficient to merit recording. It’s a lot cooler and likely to remain so for the next couple of days. I’m glad I cut my hair when I did otherwise my brain would be freezing! I may need to consider a hat quite soon.

The dogs have enjoyed their evening meal so are now mostly inside with me. I believe only Obi and Oskar remain outside, the latter being an oversight on my part as he can get silly and barky. I suspect he’s had enough time outside so will come inside when I retrieve the rice for my supper from The Pot.

A quick look at the national lockdown website confirms that someone has been busy behind the scenes expanding the list of prohibited activities and the sanctions for not conforming. I note that it is permitted to travel when attending to the needs of stray animals although this is less of a problem now that this particular stray has relocated to the camping. I received a message from Heike at PAWS in Paleochora telling me that she’d ask to see if anyone would agree to foster her but she felt it very unlikely. She didn’t make a racket last night so she can stay at the camping for a little while at least, if she continues to play her cards right.

The temperature just made it above 20℃ not helped by the chilly northerly wind.


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