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It was definitely cooler last night as all of the dogs spent most of the night in the van. Isabella, Obi and Fido went out around 04:00 but Fido was keen to return once he’d completed his mission outside.

I was still asleep at 05:35 having accidentally stopped my thirty-minute timer supposed to wake me up at 05:25. Only when I was up and dressed did it start to rain so I waited a few moments before feeding the cats who were parading up and down in their compound.

Despite our later departure, we made good progress so were only slightly behind schedule on the way back from the walk along the beach. Just as we were parallel to the field entrance, it started to rain once more so, as one, the dogs filed in and headed back to the van. If I was going around the Promontory for a second time, I was going to be alone as they were voting with their feet!

I made a cup of tea and prepared my breakfast whilst the dogs made themselves comfortable and went to sleep. The rain was only short-lived so I took Isabella and her ball onto the Promontory in the morning sunshine. She raced around after her ball and we walked over the rocks for the second time that day.

Once back at the camping, I fed the dogs and cats then myself as my breakfast was now ready. It was good to have it earlier for a change but I feel hungrier now.

The morning was sunny but I kept the tent door closed as it was chilly due to the humidity. I didn’t have a lot to do so amused myself by getting a change of sheets and some blankets for Z6 and chatting to Franca and Mauro. They don’t have any heating so I expect they go to bed early to keep each other warm.

At one point, I took my feet for a walk to the sea and bathed them and my legs in the salty water. The water is still warm; however the chilly northwesterly wind would make getting out an unpleasant experience if one was brave enough to go swimming.

Maria contacted me about a card payment which had failed to register correctly and needs to be refunded to Andrei in Romania. There was some doubt as to which bank the payment had been credited to so I went to the office to do a test with the remaining functioning card machine. I made a €0.10 payment so we can hopefully see which account it appears in. Both machines are hidden from the punters as we don’t want any more card payments.

It looks like the display fridges near the bar are being winterised as there’s lots of activity down that way. I think Mikhalis is here but I don’t recognise the car.

Today’s high was only 18.7C but it wasn’t as cold as the other night. Less than 1mm precipitation so far.The outlook is warmer and sunnier for the next few days.

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