I fell asleep during Perry Mason and then went to bed. It was cold last night so I’d put a blanket over my legs, I’d eaten and was comfortable, to fell asleep. Shortly after, I washed up and went to bed. Fido got me up at 03:00 even though I’d made sure he went out at bedtime. He was quick at coming back as it was a little cool for loitering. Not that much later, Isabella decided she wanted to go outside but changed her mind when I got up to open the door. I helped her to make up her mind so she spent the remainder of the night outside.

There was no rain today only some wind so the walks were very pleasant. We made good progress and were back at the van just after 08:00. I made my breakfast and then took Isabella and her ball for a walk on her own. She’s getting more proficient at retrieving and returning the ball and will give it up when requested. It was reasonably warm and sunny by this time so we went over the rocks and back to the camping.

I released the others and fed them and then went down to feed The Straggler who came trotting up as I arrived: I sat a while whilst she munched her biscuits. The Estonians were preparing to go swimming which I thought was very brave of them considering the wind was still cold despite the sunshine. They are used to swimming in Estonia which is not renowned for being very warm in winter. After all, Finland is just across the water!

I was up by the customer kitchen when Alma, one of the Estonians, came in to say that a man had come about the dog. Heike had sent him to Grammeno having been to Heike’s shop earlier and seen the photo of the Straggler. I explained that the dog had no medical history but that if he was sure and aware of the potential problems, he could take her. He seemed a pleasant sort of chap, she was happy to go with him and he left me his contact details. Result!

I went back to the van to prepare the Doggy Dinners and eat my breakfast as it was now past 11:00. After breakfast, I went to Franca and Mauro to tell them about the dog as they’d had quite a bit to do with her. The Estonians were about to leave for Elafonissi by electric bike; some 50km round trip with plenty of mountains in the way.

It was approaching the time for my weekly call home so I went back to the van to do some little jobs beforehand.

The afternoon remained warm and sunny although it soon gets cold once the sun starts to go down. I finished off the Doggy Dinners and have divided the DDs into three. I’m cooking rice for them each evening so they don’t really need so much of the good stuff just a sprinkling of doggy kibble as a topping. Luis is not too happy if the rice is hot so spreads his food over the floor to cool it down. At least that section of floor is clean!

It’s getting dark, the dogs are fed and my food is in The Pot. The Happy Campers are ordering in from one of the restaurants in Paleochora. Mostly pizzas I believe. Those that are open have to deliver or take away as diners are not permitted to eat in during the restrictions.

I suspect this lockdown will be with us (at least) until Christmas, not that it changes much for me anyway.


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