Seven days till lockdown ends?

It took a little while for me to work out why the dogs were not quite so enthusiastic about getting up this morning. It eventually dawned on me we’d been for a walk the previous evening. I was a little slower getting out of bed so we were out of the gate into the field just before 06:00. Despite our late departure, we completed our walks and were back in the van by 07:50. It only goes to show that it’s possible to do it in a shorter time.

The walks were pleasant but at a good pace as I wanted to get on with it. Even Luis and Fido managed to keep up although I think they spent most of the day making up for the exercise with some serious sleeping!

I prepared my breakfast and then took Isabella out for yet another trip around the Promontory. She’s been around four times all told! She was perhaps a little less energetic on the third time around and we’ve just been out again with Franca.

After breakfast, I didn’t really get up to much although I’m still messing around with making cameras record when people pass in front of them. This is of particular interest for the entrance as my watch goes bing and I get a message if anyone passes the barrier. Not that we have many arrivals at present but hopefully that situation may improve.

I had one support activity with Anthea Murphy (as in Simon) since she is the EG Finance Manager and her laptop required updating and given access to the remnants of the accounts. The job took longer than anticipated as it took forever to upload the new software to her computer. Both finance department laptops are updated so they should now be able to play nicely together again.

Tony takes Georgia’s dogs up the drive when they go out for their extensive walk all around the block. A massive fifteen minutes if you happen to walk at Dave Pace. I suppose it’s better than not going out at all. But considering this lot have walked about 7km today.

I now receive a notification when Tony leaves with the dogs as he crosses the entrance camera and once more when he returns and passes in front of the one outside the kitchen.

I met Franca on the corner of the car park and we walked together around the Promontory for my fourth time of the day. A small yappy dog was on the Big Beach with accompanying owner so Obi and Isabella went to investigate. Isabella needed to be asked twice to come back but eventually got the message. Antonis and a little fiend were fishing on the east rock but other than that we had a pleasant and uneventful walk in the late afternoon sunshine.

The Doggy Rice was ready so I fed the dogs when we arrived back however Isabella and Skinny still had plenty of energy to dance around on the decking for quite a while.

It’s now 18:00. My supper is cooking in The Pot and will hopefully not take too long before it’s ready. The lentils have already been cooked so it’s just a matter of the squash and the cauliflower.

Technically, the National Lockdown should end in seven days however I have my doubts and suspect it will continue on for at least another couple of weeks. Not that it seems to make much difference to many people around here: just more time for fishing!


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