Seven more days

I watched the first episode of Secret Army last night. This is a 1978 production portraying the efforts of the people helping to return RAF personnel to UK despite the counter attempts of the Germans. It helps to underscore the many sacrifices made by the people in the occupied territories. From this episode, it’s easy to see where ideas for ‘Allô ‘Allô came from in 1984.

The alarm was later today as the day length decreases and we can do the walks and still get back before 08:00. There are few people about and the dogs are much more reliable now anyway. A man walking a puppy on the lead down Alonáki Beach slowed his pace once he saw seven dogs appear from the rocks at the Plakaki end. I called the dogs closer to me but then allowed them to approach the puppy in an orderly fashion say hello. I think the chap breathed a sigh of relief once we continued on our way. It’s colder and was quite windy today so I’ve been running in the shingle the past few days. The dogs run after me so it concentrates their minds and helps keep them together. Running on the beach reminds me of the Brighton College 3rd XV training sessions where one of the 1st XV would take us lesser mortals out to see how the big boys did it. We’d run up and down the beach between the Banjo Groyne and the adjacent one. It was hard work!

Once back, I got on with my breakfast then let the dogs out and fed them. I had a washing machine appointment at 09:30 so wanted to get my food cooking so I could eat it whilst the wash was in the machine. It was all done and dusted by 10:45 and breakfast eaten.

There were not too many demands upon my IT skills today although I was installing virus and anti-malware software on Inter Sport’s servers. I need to find a cunning way to move their data around to give more redundancey.

At 13:00, once the road was technically open for business once more, I set off for a shopping expedition to Petrakis in Paleochora. I needn’t have worried as the traffic was still reorganising itself around the large vehicles which were still present reducing the work area to SALT (Single Alternate Lane Traffic). A nice man in a lorry held back the westbound traffic to give the others a chance. It was a blowy ride and my bike battery was not full anyway.

I completed my shopping and rode back in double-quick time as the wind was now behind me so a speed of around 35km/h was the norm for all but the bumpy bits.

The remainder of the afternoon drifted by. I unpacked the shopping and put it away, fiddle around a little bit more with this and that then went to see if Franca and Mauro wanted to join me for the Evening Walk. We met in the beach car park once I’d managed to get the dogs into their collars. Not an easy task when they’re excited and Isabella is constantly getting in your face or trying to bite Obi’s tail. We made it in concert so Mauro and Franca were mobbed by the dogs and we set off. The man with his Collie was out again and we encountered a couple with a Lab and another small dog who had a friendly visitation from my lot. Giving Isabella a poke brought her rushing back with the others following close behind.

It was still very blowy and also quite cold in the wind. We sat upon the rocks for a few minutes me with Obi on my lap keeping me warm. Franca was petting Luis and Isabella was doing the rounds with Skinny. Charlie and Oskar were on guard duty.

We went our separate ways and headed back to the camping. I think some of the punters are ordering out this evening so someone will either go into town or the orders will be delivered. I suspect they will get the stove alight in the Community Room which seems to be going down very well.

Mauro has asked for the key to Z5 so that he can use it for meditation as it’s a little chilly outside and he finds himself covered in cats whenever he tries to sit quietly on the restaurant decking. They’re all perfectly friendly and harmless but rather annoying during meditation.

I have some potatoes in the Pot keeping warm, the dogs and cats have been fed so I think now it’s my turn.

The Greek National Lockdown has been extended another seven days to 7 December. Hardly surprising when you study the image below:

New Cases: 2152 Deaths: 87. These are the daily totals for 25 November and are similar to those for the entire first lockdown period! They are mostly on the mainland as there are still few cases on the islands. Even with the enhancements to the ICU facilities, the hospitals cannot keep up.
Chilly and windy with lots of sun.


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