Bees in the trees

I watched the first episode of ‘Allô ‘Allô last night. A stark contrast to Secret Army.

I woke at 04:00 for some reason that might have been connected with an external event which Luis was most interested in. The likely explanation is a rodent exploring some part of the van. Luis’ agitation might have been explained by Isabella, who having elected to spend the night under the awning, was exploring the underside of the van in search of the aforementioned rodent. Rodents tend to move inside around this time of year when it starts to get chilly at night. Luis is a rat-catcher as witnessed by a photo of him with his prize.

We were out the gate and into the field just after six and back in the camping at 07:45 having completed two walks around the Promontory and a trip to the furthest point of the beaches and back. Furthermore, I was able to complete more than half of my daily kJ exercise goal. The simple reason for this is that a fair amount of the walk turned into a run which accounts for the shorter time and increased kJ consumption. We also went down and back via the road which cuts out around 1km of the beach thus speeding things up.

All of the dogs were in the van as I prepared my breakfast so they assisted me by consuming unwanted apple cores and the like as well as sunflower kernels and marrow seeds. They also like goji berries and cranberries. With the breakfast in The Pot, I turned my attention to feeding the dogs and the Fluffy Pussy parading along the fence in anticipation.

There were a few support emails to attend to so I got on with them whilst the breakfast cooked.

The passage of the remainder of the morning was interrupted only by preparing the Doggy Dinners and the arrival of the peripatetic fruit and vegetable vendor who has taken to parking by the barrier to sell his wares to the happy campers who are equally happy to buy them. Apparently, the prices are not cheap but then I suspect he has different prices when he goes elsewhere. Having your fruit and veg come to you is a bonus.

Walking across the camping to return the cabbage and to collect a chicken leg for the Doggy Dinners, I could not but notice all the bees in the trees. There was so much buzzing considering it’s December. The bees were busily collecting from the carob trees as they are flowering and producing a sticky liquid which tends to drip down on my bike which is often parked under the trees.

The afternoon was warm and particularly sunny except for a brief period around 15:00 when the sun disappeared behind a cloud. The temperature made it to 26C under the awning and just over 22C outside. I was tempted to venture into the sea but then the clouds came.

Mauro and Franca joined us on the Evening Walk. Even Oskar managed to put in an appearance as he hid under the driver’s seat this morning when I was preparing the dogs to go out.

Mauro and most of the dogs

Some divers were hunting on the west side of the Promontory and emerged from the sea as we were walking back at the car park. Franca and Mauro carried on along Grammeno Beach and I took the dogs through the field, brought them in and then shut the gate. It was only as I was preparing the Doggy Dinners did I notice the absence of Luis trapped the wrong side of the gate. He was granted admission when I gave Charlie his food and all the others had a head start.

Much warmer today without the wind.

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