Songs of Praise

My evening viewing included The High Chaparral, Secret Army where fleeing RAF crew were being shot by the Germans and Vicar of Dibley with the Songs of Praise episode. It wasn’t cool enough to require any heating although the van door was closed.

There may have been rain during the night however I didn’t notice. Fido decided he needed to be let out at 23:30 which filled me with pleasure. I should shove him out before I go to bed whether he likes it or not.

The Early Walk was very overcast with the threat of rain which ultimately came to nothing. Oskar absented himself but he managed to drag himself out for the Evening Walk. Perhaps he has a thing for Franca?

There were a few distant flashes during both walks but they had no impact on us. We managed to get back completely dry, except for Isabella, who always seems to go paddling or for a swim.

It was around 08:10 so we went inside whilst I prepared my breakfast. I then let the dogs out and fed them as well as the numerous cats. I started the Doggy Dinners as I like to get them going as soon as possible so that other events don’t get in the way. The plan is to put the DDs in the Pot and start it off as I remove my breakfast. This is easier now as the DDs are every three days.

There were some brief support requests and a potential customer threatening to arrive next Monday and requiring prices. They asked for a weekly price however I think they will stay longer if I make the monthly price more attractive. That way I might roll them over into January when the weather is more ghastly so they won’t wish to travel.

Other highlights of the day included a hot solar shower in the cubicles with wc and shower. These warm-up quickly with a little sun as they have a translucent plastic roof. They are also small and have a wooden floor. The main bathrooms have no glass in the windows, huge cubicles and tiled floors. Not ideally adapted for the winter. The new showers are open top and bottom and also have tiled floors. Fine for the summer but chilly in winter.

Georgia needed to have some accounts details so I went to the office to read the transaction details to Maria over the phone. I was about to take the dogs out so didn’t want to get involved with producing a spreadsheet.

The sky was equally threatening for the Evening Walk. Franca was waiting in the beach car park so the dogs made a beeline for her. There were some people in a car who must have thought they were the worst-behaved dogs as they were allowed to jump all over her without any intervention on my part. Franca had everything under control.

We walked to the end and over the rocks. The sea is breaking over the causeway but not that frequently. I noticed how much the shingle had been sculpted by the waves on the east-facing beaches and how high the water comes in the winter.

I extended the walk down Alonáki Beach a little before walking back into the camping over the field. All the dogs managed to find their way back except for Fido who was exploring some of the bushes. At present, the outside gate is left open as I’m still clearing trees and the run is unused at present. The dogs are generally on the decking, in the awning area or in the van.

There is rain falling as predicted although the probability was quite low. I need to close up the tent and get my potatoes out of the pot. The dogs are all in the van I think!

The final rain count will probably be higher as it’s now coming down quite determinedly.


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