A little sort out

The final tally on the rain yesterday was 8.9mm. Soon after I posted my blog, the rain became more determined and continued for a while. My viewing included Scott and Bailey which was quite exciting, No Limit, a French action series and some ancient Perry Mason. I wasn’t late to bed as I was falling asleep through Perry Mason and will finish off the episode this evening.

There was dampness in the air as we crossed the field and headed to the Promontory. The dampness didn’t manifest itself until we were past Plakaki so I decided to wait a few minutes in the shelter of the road bridge. The dogs continued to scrounge around nearby: the rain subsided as the clouds passed. We made it to the end and back without getting annoyingly wet. There was little excitement as the wind was now more from the east making it easier to cross the causeway with dry feet or not being washed out to visit Gavdos.

It brightened up as I prepared my breakfast then fed the dogs. Mauro asked to put on a wash and Franca physically put it in the machine. I went back to Elevate my brain and check my emails. My breakfast soon cooked so I was able to have a rest and to eat it.

Franca had asked me for the heater for their cabin but I couldn’t remember where I’d put it so started off in the storeroom. I moved lots of stuff around but didn’t find the heater which formed part of the mound by my bed. I removed the dust from the heater, tested it and took it down to Mauro. I explained how it operates and indicated the likely running cost, as electricity is additional to their rent.

My winter wardrobe has been packed up in vacuum bags since summer. Now that winter beckons, I wanted to swap everything around and reorganise my lockers. I spent much of the remainder of the day sorting through clothes, putting the summer ones away and putting my winter wardrobe into the lockers. My head is beginning to tell me the wind is cooler so I was glad to have my knitted cap from two years ago. I also have my matching socks as well as my special dog socks knitted last year by Kirsti.

I have a hanging cupboard which is very inefficient so I’ve converted it to a vertical storage for vacuum bags. That way I can get nearly everything not immediately required inside. Some rationalisation of the lower shelf will release more space which could be used more efficiently. I’ve also sorted out stuff to throw away and piled it up ready to transport to the dustbin. Furthermore, I collected together a bag of glass jars which were dropped into the recycling bin when I took the dogs.

Franca was waiting in the car park. Isabella had already tried to rush up to her except that I called her back. I then zapped her each time she tried to jump up to Franca. She doesn’t mind Isabella jumping up but others who don’t know her may misread Isabella’s intentions. We had an enjoyable walk and Franca appears to be going well with her five-day fast.

There is a mound of clothing for washing tomorrow so I’ll do that in the morning or tonight if I can be bothered. The van is reasonably tidy and most of the dogs are inside. They’ve been fed so it’s just a matter for me to wait for the Pot to depressurise and I can have mine.

Quite chilly, not helped by the easterly wind and humidity. The rain was nothing compared to he previous day.


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