Loafing in bed

So far, 13.7mm of rain has fallen since midnight although, after a rainy start, the sun shone through and it was even warm enough for me to dip my toes into the sea!

The sound of the rain on the metal roof above woke me up and it wasn’t over by the usual getting-up time so I lounged in bed until 06:40. We were out on the Promontory around 07:00 which is the time we’d be nearly at the end of the beaches.

The sky was still quite stormy but cleared to leave us in occasional sunshine for the second circuit of the Promontory. Much of the thick, grey clouds had moved on by to be replaced by higher, thinner ones.

We were back at the camping after 09:00 having caught up a little. I fed the dogs and then prepared my breakfast as it was well beyond their normal time. The sun then shone for the remainder of the day so the dogs could laze on the decking and I could fall asleep in my chair!

Marie-Christine, who intended to stay the whole winter at Grammeno, announced she’d be leaving on Monday. I suspect she’s fed up with lockdowns and says she’s going to try Italy. I suspect the present lockdown could go on until 2021 according to what I’m seeing in the press. It doesn’t bother me that much although I might like to take my bike into the mountains occasionally.

I walked up to the office to check for mail and wandered down to the sea. I met Nikos who’d just come from there as I was restarting the boiler once again. A different message this time but I know most of the wrinkles so can generally get it going again. I think the rain may have been a factor.

With the boiler operating, I wandered round to commune with the pussies on Janne and Erica’s decking before setting off for a quick splash around in the sea.

I didn’t swim for very long so was out in under twenty minutes. The water wasn’t particularly cold but I felt I’d had enough after fifteen minutes. I walked up to the solar-powered showers and warmed up in there.

Nikos joined Franca and I for the Evening Walk. We could see mountains of grey clouds out over the sea dumping their load of water. Nikos hadn’t properly visited the Promontory before so our walk was a little longer than usual.

He came back over the field with me as it is a more direct route back to this van.

The dogs are in the van except for Luis who is terrorising a rodent under the van. If only he’d do his terrorising quietly!

There is another thunderstorm approaching from the southwest but I think most of it will miss us. Another storm is in the distance but will pass by or run out of puff.

I’d better get a cucumber from the fridge in the customer kitchen before it rains. I might visit the loo on the way back to save having to go there later. The rumbles are becoming more pronounced…

Warmer and humid but hardly surprising due to the amount of rain that fell during the night.

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