Extra time extended

Our lockdown has been officially extended until 14 December. There are still nearly 2,000 new cases each day so I suspect the hospitals are unable to cope with seriously affected patients.

More rain fell during the night and it was darker than usual due to the clouds. We left later to give the rain a chance to clear and to walk in the light. We didn’t get wet and completed our exercise course as usual. There was even some sunshine as we walked back along Alonáki Beach and the moon was visible in the clearing sky. It had been struggling earlier to find a crack in the clouds. I was concerned we might not get another walk in the evening so wanted to be sure of a good walk in the morning.

It was after 08:30 when we arrived back so I fed the dogs and prepared my own breakfast. It was Doggy Dinners day so I was chopping up vegetables ready for when the pot was free.

Having extracted my breakfast, I put on the Doggy Dinners before sitting down to eat. I had a couple of support emails and a reply to the German couple who wish to arrive on Monday. I suspect this is unlikely now that lockdown has been officially extended.

I went up to the office to check for mail and to close the entrance barrier which appears to have a problem closing itself. I checked the windows to some of the rooms to discover they are unlocked so went around and locked those which had been forgotten.

I’d contemplated going into Paleochora for some grocery shopping however the sky darkened over and it started to rain.

The DDs were now ready for processing and it was raining so I went in to join most of the dogs who were already inside. The rain continued so I expected not to be able to go out for a second walk. Nevertheless, I went down to the beach to check out the sky which was exceedingly grey and black. There was a discussion with Franca and Mauro as to whether it would rain or pass over. There were a few drops so I walked back up to the van having decided not to go.

The dogs were in an anticipatory mood and pretty lively so I gave the sky the benefit of the doubt, put on my boots then gave the dogs their collars. We were off only a little later than normal but I hadn’t informed Mauro and Franca. They were ready and moving up Grammeo Beach to meet us having agreed not to come out.

The walk was most enjoyable and the dogs were energetic. The approaching clouds gave the sea some interesting colours and the wind was stirring things up at the end of the Promontory. We could see a rainbow over Paleochora and a black cloud was dumping a great deal of water out to see. Only drops fell on us however we hastened our pace to get back quickly. Only light rain started as we crossed the field so we’d won the gamble and got our Evening Walk.

The Doggy Rice was nearly ready so I set out the bowls whilst waiting for the pot to depressurise. The food never seems to last very long and they are the quietest they’ve been all day.

I have lentils and squash sitting in a pan which was cooked at the same time as the Doggy Rice.

Not a cold day but showery with persistent rain in the night. The original forecast predicted 45mm which would have been very wet! More rain is forecast for the night and a thunderstorm for tomorrow morning making tomorrow’s walk a little tricky.


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