I didn’t realise Isabella was still inside until her great paws plonked down on the side of my bed telling me it was time to get up. She sat quietly as I got dressed then we went outside. It had been raining as witnessed by the amount of water on the decking and the general dampness all around. My plan was to go into Paleochora for a quick pre-nine shop. Getting back at 08:00 leaves just enough time to get into town, do the shopping then pass the roadworks before 09:00, the bewitching hour.

We were out a little after 06:00 and followed the usual route to the end of the Promontory where we crossed the rocks and the causeway despite a southeasterly wind pushing the waves into the rocks. We made good progress to the end of the beaches and returned to do a final tour of the Promontory. Just as we were about to return to the camping, we were joined by the Estonians out for a walk on the Promontory so we decided to go round once more.

Once more, we were on our way back to the camping when we encountered Marie-Christine walking Teddy. He found it a little overwhelming having eight dogs to contend with. The eighth dog was The Rug who’d been with us since halfway round the second circuit. We chatted a while and the dogs pottered around nearby. Apparently, Marie-Christine and Teddy are going on an adventure to Sicily.

It was getting on so I fed the dogs and prepared my own breakfast. From then on, things went into a bit of a decline except for a few emails to an EG branch member about her email account.

It didn’t look like rain so I rode into Paleochora just after 13:00 for some shopping. The sky was still full of clouds but I didn’t get wet. The roadworks are making progress. A couple of large fences have been erected to catch falling boulders and the outcrop has been swathed in more mesh. The road surface at this point and coming out of Paleochora has not been improved by the recent rain.

The remainder of the afternoon was taken up with sleeping in the sun or reading the paper until 16:00 when I prepared my supper and some rice for the dogs. I walked down to the beach and had a chat with the Estonians who were telling me it is the Eurovision Song Contest selection for the Estonian entry for 2021 on Saturday night. I was totally underwhelmed by this information and could hardly conceal my indifference!

Soon after, Mauro and Franca joined me for the Evening Walk where this time we didn’t cross the rocks and the causeway due to the water breaking over. Instead, we walked around to inspect things from another viewpoint.

I put some washing in for Marie-Christine on the time then returned her washing product and wandered down to the beach where I Moustache, one of the cats. We communed to the sound of the waves on the beach then I went back to the van.

The guy coming to Grammeno on Monday was turned back at the border crossing with Bulgaria despite the Greek Government website stating it is open. I suggested he might have another try on 14 December.

Warm but not as soggy as expected.


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