Wet feet

I put some heat on last night as I ate my meal and enjoyed another episode of Secret Army. I can foresee some romantic involvement which I suspect will end badly for the participants.

The heat wasn’t on longer than necessary as I didn’t know if there would be any sun the next day to recharge the batteries. We went to bed with all but Obi inside. It’s not quite cold enough to entice him inside at nighttime. With Skinny and Isabella, it’s already quite cosy especially when Luis takes up enough space for three dogs.

My slumbers were disturbed by a few rain events but only around 3.6mm actually fell. It was very wet when I went outside to inspect the state of the sky. The forecast didn’t mention rain until later but it’s not always entirely correct.

We were out by just after 06:00 as I planned to go into town for some shopping as the weekend and Monday are forecast to be wet all of the time.

Luis got wet as we crossed the causeway as it’s a little difficult to judge the waves when it’s dark. It was not the last time he’d be getting wet. Crossing the river involved a jump for me, a simple skip for the big dogs and swimming or wading for the others. Luis was reluctant but made it across safely but very wet. The other river which crosses the beach is still not flowing.

The sea was calmer than the day before but still quite active. There was very little wind and it wasn’t cold. We set off back up the beaches and to the river crossing. My left foot was slightly wet on the outbound crossing however it was the turn of the right foot on the way back. This time it was a proper job. We didn’t go back to the Promontory as I wanted to go shopping and back before the road closure.

The way into town was particularly wet and muddy as there had been work in progress since around 07:30. There were plenty of potholes filled with muddy water so my already wet boots were spattered with muddy water by the time I reached Petrakis.

I did my shopping and headed back to the camping. The roads were particularly wet in Paleochora thanks to a heavy downpour sometime after 06:00 which had manifested itself as light rain at Grammeno and Plakaki when we were out on our walk.

We had our breakfasts and the day began to look fairly reasonable. The sun even managed to put in an appearance but only for brief moments. There was not enough sunlight to charge the batteries. I shall need to resort to Grid power sometime tomorrow as it’s likely to be a repeat of today but with more rain and hence more cloudy skies.

There was an arrival during the afternoon in the form of a German couple in a motorhome who’d come for a shower. They eventually decided to stay for the night and I suggested they might wish to make use of the camping’s facilities over the weekend as the weather is likely to be very poor. Better than them being shut in their van all the time parked up in Paleochora.

Franca met me as I was dealing with the arrivals so we agreed to meet up in the beach car park once I’d put on some rice for the dogs and potatoes for me. It’s a potato salad with lots of interesting vegetables for me this evening as I didn’t have time to be more creative.

The evening walk was unremarkable. Isabella came back with less energy as Mauro played with her quite a bit. We crossed the rocks and the causeway but this time I carried Luis so that he didn’t get wet for the fourth time today. It was getting dark as we reached the car park on the way back and the sky was particularly menacing. There is something like 15mm forecast for tonight and nearly 100mm for Saturday and Sunday.


Not an inspiring day as far as the weather is concerned.


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