Kind of wet

I might have drifted off for a few moments during Perry Mason but I found out who dunnit which was the main thing. I turned on the gas heater as the batteries were getting low so the fan heater would have finished them off. The gas heater is nothing like as efficient as the fan heater but provides a more general level of heating as opposed to a very directional heat from the fan heater.

The night passed reasonably calmly except each time Isabella decided to scratch herself it felt like an earthquake as the van shook. I finally gave up and got out of bed as I needed to go on a mission anyway. As I emerged from the ‘Office’ a queue of pussies awaited me expecting food which I duly distpensed.

The sky seemed reasonably clear even though the forecast was rain. I got myself and the dogs ready and we set off. The waves were breaking over the rocks at the end of the Promontory so I didn’t even attempt to go along there. We headed back along Alonáki Beach to find, as I suspected, the river was too wide and too strong to cross. Whilst playing by the river, it came on to rain so we sheltered under the shading outside a caravan which is used for summer lets. It all looked rather sad with the water dripping through and everything stacked up and equally wet.

We walked back to the Promontory where I collected up some plastic waste washed up at the eastern end of Grammeno Beach. I then took a bag to collect rubbish along the Promontory to come back with it full. We’d been joined earlier by The Rug so Isabella had someone to play with. We went back to the rocks at the end of the Promontory and wandered around just avoiding getting our feet wet. We returned to the river to kill a little more time and found it was just as deep and fast-running as before. We were nearly caught out by a wave which almost pushed us into the river! I noticed the sky was looking very threatening so we hastened back to the camping to arrive just before it started to rain heavily once more.

I make my breakfast then fed the dogs. I had Doggy Dinners to prepare so got on with that so they could go into the Pot once my. breakfast came out.

The morning was a mixture of sunshine and cloud. The batteries had dropped to 48V whilst we were out earlier so we were back on Grid Power for a while. The sun helped to charge the batteries and did its best but we’re still on mains electricity as more time is required to fully charge the batteries. Hopefully, tomorrow, there will be some more sun.

In between wandering around the camping a little, to check the water heater and pick up vegetables from the customer kitchen, I walked to the beach to look at the sea which was still angry. The couple who arrived yesterday is still here so I presume they plan to stay another night as it’s probably better here than in town.

My weekly phone call was later and shorter and happened just before the evening dog walk which was attended by Mauro and France. We’d just gone onto the Promontory when Obi’s barking could be heard ahead of us. The couple from the camping were there with their little dog who must have wondered what was going on when we all turned up. I called the dogs and we continued on our way under a gentle rain. It wasn’t sufficient to make one very wet only damp. This time, we crossed the rocks and the causeway but I carried Luis so he shouldn’t be washed away. It was exciting and it was all in the timing or get extremely wet. With three of us, it was easier to manage the dogs anyway.

We returned via the Small Beach then the Big Beach. The German Couple and their little dog had gone back to the camping.

I finished washing my spinach, fed the dogs and sat down to write my blog. It has just rained again and the drops are falling from the awning roof. The tent is still open so a gentle breeze is coming in. The dogs are quiet so I should go and feed the cats by which time my spinach should be cooked and ready to eat.

A little sun in the morning after the rain then it all turned to grey skies and rain. More rain tonight, tomorrow and Monday! Thunderstorms are approaching from the west!


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